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Lots of stuff is going on, but most importantly…

  • LOST! If you haven’t watched the new episode yet, click here! Tuesday night revealed… Just watch…
  • The Siskel & Ebert less At The Movies has been canceled. Without either of them, the show never felt right, and while it is sad to see the classic thumbs up/thumbs down review show end, I guess it was about time.
  • TV Tonight: Jason Sudeikis returns to 30 Rock. The show has had a rocky season, but it is still funnier than most things on TV. Catch it on NBC’s comedy block at 9:30p.
  • Yesterday from DC Comics, Green Lantern #52 was released with the penultimate chapter to Black Night. Also released (from Marvel Comics) was Amazing Spider-Man #626, introducing the all new (and female?) SCORPION. “The Gauntlet” has been kicking poor Peter Parker in the butt.
  • It is a done deal! Scream 4 is happening with the original cast returning along with writer Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven! I can not wait for this film to come out.

A new poster for Iron Man 2 has been released! The poster mimics the original’s final poster, but with the obvious additions of War Machine, Whiplash and Black Widow.


I like it, what do you think?

Just when we thought that we had reached the “final” Final Destination, they are taking us on another trip down “death hunting youths that escaped a very unlikely tragedy” once again. You might recall these titles…

The forth in the series just decided to call itself The Final Destination (sorta like how the forth Fast and Furious flick cut its name to an abbreviation of its original title), and claimed to be the last of the series. Well, somehow the franchise has avoided death and another one is coming our way (and likely in 3D again). How many times can this series avoid death before he starts chasing down the creators and studio executives… hmmm, that might make a fun Final Destination flick.

What do you think the big tragedy will be this time around? We’ve had multiple car pile ups, the plane crash, the roller-coaster incident- is it time for a freak building collapse? Or something at the zoo maybe? Would death chase down animals that escaped his grasp?

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There are a ton of different things you can collect. Personally, I collect comic books. I have a huge variety of different comic and graphic novels from a ton of different publishers. Everything from superheroes to monsters and horror, crime, noir and pulp.


Today I’m going to talk a little bit about collecting gold coins. I’ve always been interested in coins, but never really thought that much about it. I was recently contacted by Goldline International (see the above link) and asked to look at their site and consider writing about coins. And it is pretty funny, I never thought that something like collecting coins would be so similar to my comic collection. There are a ton of different coins from all around the world. Collecting gold coins is something that could never get old, because there are always new ones. Ancient coins, recently minted coins. The variety is endless. One of my favorite coins featured on the site is the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coin (top left in the title picture). It was circulated between 1907 and 1916, and then again from 1920 to 1933.

What do you collect? Coins? Comics? Something else?

Site sponsors help us defer the costs of running My Hollywood Dream.

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Recently I had the pleasure of going to see Family Guy Live and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh musical on stage. These were the first two shows I have seen in a while, and they were awesome! So much fun. It reminded me that I have to get out more and do stuff. And that is where sites like come in handy.

The website is a privately owned ticket agency that buys and resells tickets. They specialize in securing tickets to really hard to get into venues and events. They also sell tickets to a wide variety of events; including concerts, festivals, musicals, plays, sporting events, dog shows, circus events, and comedy shows to name a few.

Need St. Pete Times Forum Tickets? They got them. How about Sesame Street Live Tickets? Yup those also. Wanna catch the Lakers and need Staples Center Tickets? You’ve guessed it, they have ’em.

I think that the next event I attend is going to be a concert. Any suggestions on who I should see? What live events do you go to?

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Hollywood the Game, Free Online Simulation Game

We’ve talked about Hollywood the Game in the past; it is an online Hollywood/Filmmaking simulation game.

Today they celebrated more than 5 years of gaming with their 10th HTG Awards, which celebrates the scripts and virtual films that are released in the game.

Last week, they launched their 8th season of TV simulation, where three broadcast styled networks release programming on a weekly basis and compete for better ratings and sponsors.  All of the virtual TV shows are written scripts (prose is also accepted), which have been cast with Hollywood’s biggest stars, advertised to the community, and reviewed by critics. If you’d like to join in, new TV shows are still being looked at by networks. Click here for more details on how to join.

“Between love and madness, lies xenophobia”

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