Last year, Charter Communications held a bunch of giveaways where customers took home some really cool stuff including laptops and XBox 360 game systems. One really lucky customer even drove away with a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. As you know, I really love free stuff and I would be more than happy to get any of these prizes!

Charter Communications is looking at how digital tools are changing our lives; how we live, learn, play and interact with our friends, family, and co-workers. Charter offers phone, Internet, and cable services and the company wants to know how these tools have changed their customer’s everyday lives. What are you able to do now that you couldn’t have done before you got access to them?

Charter wants you to “Tell Us How You Do It” by submitting your story with photos or video that showcases how you use your digital tools. By doing so, you can win some great prizes, including a 15” laptop, a 52” HDTV, and a free year of the Charter Bundle that includes Digital Cable with HD and a DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone.

You can submit your story here and you can also follow Charter on Facebook. Good luck getting one of the awesome prizes!


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Win Face Off on Blu-Ray

It is time for our July Giveaway! By popular demand we’ll be giving away John Woo’s Face/Off on Blu-Ray!  Personally, Face/Off is my favorite John Woo and Nic Cage flick.

The official description of the film:

In this plot-twisting, high-tech thriller, relentless FBI agent Sean Archer must go dangerously undercover to investigate the location of a lethal biological weapon planted by his arch rival, the sadistic terrorist-for-hire Castor Troy. After undergoing a radical surgical procedure, Archer literally “borrows” Troy’s face and identity to carry out his mission. But things go awry when Troy, emerging from a coma, transforms into Archer and wrecks havoc upon his life, both at work and at home. As the bomb continues to tick and the tension mounts, it becomes a high stakes game of cat and mouse as both Archer and Troy, ironically trapped in their enemy’s body, try to save face — their own.

Disc Specs:

  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
  • Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Audio: English DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 / Dolby Digital 5.1 EX
  • Subtitles: English SDH, English, French, Spanish
  • Disc: 50GB Blu-ray Disc

Special Features:

  • Commentaries by director John Woo and writers Mike Webb and Michael Colleary.
  • 7 deleted scenes including an Alternative Ending (with optional commentary)
  • “The Light and the Dark: Making Face/Off”
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Eligibility/How to Enter

To enter this contest, you must live in the United States or Canada. Simply leave a message in the comments section of this post and tell us what your favorite action movie of all time is and you are entered into the contest. Please do not put your address in the comments. If you win, you will be notified by e-mail and asked to provide your address for shipping purposes only. No records will be kept of addresses or e-mail address information. Good Luck! We will select a winner @ the end of the month.

Blu World Contest

Last month we posted about BluFrog Energy Drink’s It’s a Blu World contest. The contest has five huge (giant! EPIC!) prize packs including the BluGamer Ultimate Gaming Package, BluStreak Orlando and the Richard Petty Racing Experience, Happy Blu-Year New York, Blullapalooza Chicago, and Xtreme Blu Aspen!

How can you enter the contest? Well, everyone is welcome to enter up to three times via three different methods.

  1. Leave a comment on BluFrog’s official blog telling them which of the awesome prizes you’d like to win and why.
  2. Use Twitter to Tweet about the contest, why you entered and which prize you’d pick if you won. Your tweet must include #bluworld and this url http://bit.ly/UiiJy
  3. The third way to enter is to create a blog post about the contest and what you think the best of the five prizes is.

Time is running out to enter the contest, so get yours in soon!

Personally, my favorite prize is the Happy Blu-Year prize. In that prize, you (and a friend) can win a New Years Eve trip to New York City. Not only do they provide the air fare, but they also throw in ground transportation, a three night stay in a luxurious hotel, a complimentary X-Shot, and a helicopter ride over the city. I’ve been to New York City plenty of times, but I’ve never seen it quite like that!

Click to learn more about the BluFrog contest and for all of the official details and fine print. Hey, you just might win one of their awesome prize packs!

Check out this video to learn more about BluFrog energy drink…


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Armani Jeans Contest

Armani Exchange is having a huge denim sale and contest, where you can win a pair of jeans a day throughout all of July.

The text A|X contest is easy to enter and you can take home a pair (or more) of Armani Exchange’s premium denim jeans. To enter the contest, all that you have to do is text the keyword “DENIM2” to Armani (276264). It is as easy as that. I checked out the site and there is no limit on the amount of times that you can enter. These are expensive and high quality jeans.

The Armani Exchange is also having a big sale with their line of “New Premium Denim starting at $98”. The above picture showcases my favorite three pairs of $98 dollar jeans. Included in the mix are the J101R Relaxed, the J65 Straight, and the J101 Boot Cut jeans. The J101R is on the left of the picture and is a low rise, boot cut and relaxed fit pair of jeans. The J65 is the middle pair and is a regular rise pair of jeans with a straight leg and a classic fit. The J101 is my favorite pair of the line (pictures on the all the way right); it is a low rise, boot cut, with a classic fit.

In addition to the $98 dollar sale, Armani Exchange is offering a deal where if you buy a regular priced pair of jeans between 7/7/09 and 7/19/09, than you will receive a giftcard of $20 dollars off your next purchase of $100 dollars or more.

Head over to Armani Exchange for more details on the contest and the sale.


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Only a couple more days to vote…

What should my hollywood dream give away in a contest next

Summer is officially beginning and we are preping our first July contest and we’d like to hear from you guys! Please post a comment below with which item you’d like us to give away in our next contest. Thanks!

  • “Dead Until Dark” by Charlaine Harris. This novel is the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series that the hit HBO series True Blood is based on. If you are unfamilar with the series, it is based around a small town in Louisiana and how it is effected after vampires “come out of the coffin” and into the public eye after a synthetic blood is developed.
  • Face / Off on Blu-Ray.  My favorite John Woo film stars John Travolta as an FBI agent who must do the unthinkable to stop an evil terrorist’s plan, he must become him.  The disc contains a bunch of special features that you’ll never watch including commentaries by the director/writers, deleted scenes, an alternate ending, the trailer and more.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer season one DVD. The classic vampire series by Joss Whedon focuses on the slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar), one girl in all the world that is chosen to fight vampires and other demons.
  • “Intensity” by Dean Koontz. In this #1 New York Times bestseller, a “young woman staying as a guest in a Napa Valley farmhouse becomes trapped in a fight for survival with a self-proclaimed homicidal adventurer, and races to warn his next intended victim. Unrelentingly terrifying, this book lives up to its name.”
  • Bee Movie on Blu-Ray. This charming animated film is from the mind of Jerry Seinfeld and co-stars the voice of Renee Zellweger. The disc contains a bunch of features including storyboards, triva, commentaries, deleted scenes, and an alternate ending.

And last but not least…

  • Chicken Run on DVD. This stop motion animation from the creators of Wallace & Gromit stars the voices of Mel Gibson and Timothy Spall. Included in the special features is a “read-along” of the script.

So, which of these items would you like to see us give away? Don’t forget to vote in the comment section of this article!

As you already know, I LOVE free stuff on the web. I enter every contest that I qualify for and have won stuff ranging from DVDs, movie posters, t-shirts, books, and also some useless stuff like bumper stickers, a lobster calendar, temporary tattoos, and a Jason hockey mask. The crew over at It’s a Blu World (the makers of Blu Frog Energy Drink) have put together a pretty epic giveaway that is easy to enter.

The five different grand prizes are BluGamer, BluStreak Orlando, Happy Blu-Year New York, Blullapalooza Chicago, and Xtreme Blu Aspen! What’s included in the mix and how do you enter? Keep reading to find out…

The BluGamer prize is the Ultimate Gaming Package. It includes:

  • Xbox 360 Elite System (includes 1 controller & Xbox LIVE Headset)
  • Rock Band 2 Bundle
  • Call of Duty: World at War Complete Package
  • Xbox Wireless Networking Adapter
  • Complimentary X-Shot
  • 2 Cases of Blu Frog Energy

There is nothing better than rocking out to Rock Band with three of your closest friends and enough energy drinks to keep you going all night!

Next up, BluStreak Orlando is entry into the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando, FL. This includes:

  • Round Trip Air Fare for 2
  • Ground Transport to and from the Hotel
  • Luxurious hotel for 2 nights
  • 2 Tickets for Rookie Driving Experience
  • Complimentary X-Shot

In the “Experience” you rotate through all of the racing pit crew duties (acting as bucklers, sign holders, window washers, etc) until you finally take the wheel.

Happy Blu-Year New York lets you experience New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York City. Included in the prize pack is:

  • Round Trip Air Fare for 2
  • Ground Transport to and from the Hotel
  • Luxurious Hotel for 3 nights
  • Helicopter Ride for 2 over New York
  • Complimentary X-Shot

Blullapalooza Chicago gets you into Lollapalooza at Grant Park along with an IPod filled with tunes for the way there, it includes:

  • Round Trip Air Fare for 2
  • Ground Transport to and from the Hotel
  • Luxurious hotel for 2 nights
  • 2 Tickets to Lollapalooza
  • Complimentary X-Shot & iPod loaded with music

The last (but no where least) prize is the Xtreme Blu Aspen prize pack.  This prize takes you to the heart of the Winter X Games 14 in Aspen.  Included in the prize is:

  • Round Trip Air Fare for 2
  • Ground Transport to and from the Hotel
  • Luxurious hotel for 3 nights
  • 2 Tickets to Winter X Games
  • Complimentary X-Shot

Those are the awesome prizes, now, how do you win? First off, you should head over to BluFrog for all of the details about the contest (including official entry and the fine print). Then to enter, you have to leave a comment on their blog, Tweet about the contest to your friends, and write your own blog post about the contest (no copying mine though!).

Good luck to all who enter!


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To celebrate the opening of SeaWorld’s newest attraction, Manta, they are holding a contest where you could take home a “Front-of-the-line” pass for the Manta in SeaWorld Orlando.

The ride lets you spin, glide, skim, and fly like a ray as you experience a seamless blend of animal encounters and a head-first, face-down roller coaster. Check out this video to “feel” it for yourself…

The official Manta website gives you 6 different activities to win a Manta “Front-of-the-line” pass. These activities include a Manta trivia game, filling your row (with friends and family), submitting a creative picture to Flickr, a video to YouTube, Tweeting, and by making a Manta mask.

  • In the Manta trivia game, you have to search the Manta site for hints and answers to test your knowledge of all things Manta! You’ll have to answer 5 questions correctly with only three chances to get them right.
  • To fill your row, you’ll have to find three friends that are interested in SeaWorld’s Manta ride and get them to sign up an account along with you.
  • How creative are you? When creating a picture for Flickr, they want you to use the phrase “I Heart Manta” in the most creative way that you can think of (put it on a shirt, banner, skate board, tattoo – anything you can think of).
  • Are you a young Spielberg? Are you excited to go to SeaWorld? In the forth activity they want you to make a short video about how excited you are.
  • Did you know that Shamu is a veteran Twitter? He wants you to Tweet him with how excited you are.
  • And the last activity includes downloading a Manta mask and showing it off on Flickr (along with your “I Heart Manta” photo).

After you complete two of these activities, you’ll get one complimentary electronic photograph from your Manta ride experience at SeaWorld Orlando, and if you can accomplish all six, than you’ll be able to get your “Front-of-the-line” pass for the all new ride. What can be easier than that?


Click here for more details.

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