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I thought that the hardest part about moving would be the packing and unpacking, but I was very wrong! Really, the biggest struggle for me turned out to be utilities which were something I hadn’t really put any thought into at all! I had researched WIRELESS INTERNET COMPANIES pricing before I moved in, so that actually wasn’t a big deal. I had it hooked up before the big move and everything’s been fine since my first connection. My water, on the other hand, was not so easy. When I first got here everything was turned off so I couldn’t even flush the toilets! It took a day and a half, but I finally got that worked out with the water company. After a similar episode with the power company I thought I was finished… that is until I realized I’d forgotten to set up trash pick up! It took them three weeks to get me into the rotation and my trash situation became pretty gross pretty quickly. I’m glad that’s all over with!

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This post brought to you by TwoOfUs. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you the type of person who watches 80s romantic comedies for relationship advice? While Patrick Dempsey might be entertaining, I would not follow his lead. Instead you should head on over to and get some real tips on keeping your relationship fresh

The website features sections for dating, exclusive relationships, engaged, married, and parents with experts that answer a wide range of questions from all different types of people.  The advice on Two Of Us is shared with visitors through Podcasts, videos, and articles, which really does give something for everyone.  Personally, I love hearing about other people’s experiences and thoughts on what helps/hurts the future of a relationship. With the Podcasts, you can put them on in the background as you are doing something else. The website is very visual with lots of pictures and videos.  I explored the advice section for married couples, and there was a subcategory for Marriage Skills. Located here are Podcasts for energy drainers, dealing with baggage, and how to improve your marriage without talking about it.

The website also features a 9 chapter video interview series with CSI: NY‘s Hill Harper as he discusses everything from marriage, healthy relationships, getting perspective and resources to help improve relationships. 

If you are a fan of the site, you can head on over to their Facebook page and like it. I’m sure your friends can use some relationship advice too!

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer, then you really have to do your research and find just the right fit for you and your future spouse. You can’t just put names into a hat and pull out a random name or give a camera to just anyone. A great photographer will get pictures that you can’t even imagine and will see things that you didn’t even notice during the night.

Earlier this week I was contacted by a company of Virginia Wedding Photographers, Roman Grinev Photography ( The good thing with there being five photographers in the company means that you can meet with them and find out just who is best suited for your style, tastes, and unique event.

I honestly don’t know much about Virginia Wedding Photography, but the pictures on the Roman Grinev website speak for themselves. The website includes pages with galleries, photographer bios, pricing and info contact form, testimonials, frequent questions, and a blog with all of their latest shoots.

I recently got married and I can not stress enough just how important getting the perfect photographer is! They bring so much to your special day and ensure that you take home all of the priceless memories. They also provide you with images that make great gifts (I can’t tell you how many frames I had to pick up for Christmas) and we were so inspired by the pictures that we made special albums for our mothers and grandmothers geared towards them and their tastes, mixing both the formal planned pictures and spontaneous images captured during the night.

If you are looking for a Virginia Wedding Photographer, you might want to consider Roman Grinev Photography. They might help ensure that your perfect night lasts forever.

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Team Coco Live

For 24 hours Team Coco were broadcasting live from their offices on the Warner Brothers Lot.  To fill the many hours, staff members and interns read Shakespeare, held puppet shows, played Punishment Bingo, did some stand up comedy, 80s style aerobics, lasso-ed interns, and there was even an awkward first date that was interrupted by a bear (who sadly didn’t masturbate).

One of my personal favorite things occurred just after 3am as the stand up routine got taken over by a zombie attack. Check it out…

You can watch a ton of videos from the 24 hours of live broadcasting here. Conan begins airing on November 8th at 11pm on TBS.

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This post brought to you by Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love road trips. I have driven across the country three times in the past four years.  While the scenery is breathtaking, I would never be able to make the extremely fun trip without my tunes.  During my first trip I learned that you can not trust the radio to play the music you love or keep you entertained during the long journey.  The radio signal also comes in and out, which causes a lot of static and you have to find new radio stations as you pass through different states.  Even when the radio is in tune, they play the same songs over and over and I'm lucky if I even like 30% of said songs.

Earlier today I was contacted about the newest Dual Electronics car audio system, the XDMA6630.  This thing features Bluetooth connectivity with a front panel USB connection. This gives users direct access and control of your iPod (and iPhone). It has a 3.5mm auxiliary input along with 2-RCA preamp outputs and a wireless remote control that allows you  to scroll through songs and change the volume.

The thing that I really love about this mobile receive is that it lets you hook-up your iPod through you car stereo. This cuts out the need to listen to the radio. You can rock out to all of your favorite songs, without the worry of static or losing a station in the middle of your long drive. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is having too many songs for your iPod to hold.

So, how would you pimp your ride? You could always increase your "cool factor" with the XDMA6630, aka the ultimate car audio system.

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The Pit v3 Logo

Welcome to the Pit, fall into it!

  • The guys over at Sans Pants Productions have a new comedy spoof. This one takes aim at Sesame Street. What is up with the Count anyway? Funny stuff.
  • ABC is adapting the classic James Cameron action spy-comedy True Lies for the small screen. Sadly, A-Nold will not be involved, but I still think the material could warrant a really good show. We shall see.  NBC should have tried to grab this and pair it with Chuck on Monday nights. Oh, how I miss Chuck, less than 3 days until the premiere! Now with 100% more Linda Hamilton.
  • Ben Affleck’s The Town comes out this weekend. It looks really good. Who would have ever thought that Ben Affleck would become a better director than Kevin Smith? Wow, what a weird alternate world we live in!
  • Interested in making it big in Hollywood? What about a virtual Hollywood? Hollywood the Game is an awesome Hollywood Simulation where you write, cast, advertise, and making movies (and TV!). Check it out.  HTG is entering it’s 9th season of TV! What shows made the cut?
  • Enjoying any summer TV shows? Movies? Video games? Comics? Books? Music? Let us know in the comments!

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