The summer is quickly coming to a close and you know what that means… TV IS ALMOST BACK! It is time to dust off the remote control and set the DVR to record all of your favorites. As we get closer and closer to the fall season, info is starting to spill out. Lets tale a look at some of the recent news.

Tina Majorino is jumping from her most recent gig on True Blood to another bloody show with a high body count, Grey’s Anatomy. You might remember Majorino from Napoleon Dynamite, Veronica Mars, and Big Love. She joins already announced guest stars including Friday Night Lights‘ “Smash” Gaius Charles and Californication‘s Camilla Luddington (who was also on True Blood). The show has a little more room to play around with new characters after cast regulars Chyler Leigh (Lexie) and Kim Raver (Teddy) left at the end of last season and Eric Dane has announced that he will be leaving after a few episodes into the new season. Last season was the best since the second season. The show really found a good stride and worked hard to make characters likeable again, and it showed and worked. I was genuinely surprised by the season finale and Lexie’s fate. I hope that the show can continue to surprise me next season.

Mad Man‘s awesome “partner” John Slattery will be guest starring on Netflix’s Arrested Development revival. This keeps with the tradition of Arrested Development having the best casting department in the business.  Slattery is a joy to watch and I hope that he is in as many episodes of the 10 episode season as possible. With the forth season of the cult comedy beginning production, expect a lot more news in coming weeks.

Keeping up with this week’s theme of casting news, Martin Sheen joined his son Charlie “#Winning” Sheen’s FX series Anger Management as… you guessed it, his father. The character first appeared yesterday and is described as “hyper-critical and a bully”. The series is still working off its initial order and is waiting for FX to decide to put in a massive 90 episode back order. If they go through with it, Martin Sheen will be staying along for the ride. What can we do to get Emilio on the show also? Throw in another 90 episodes? The elder Sheen was last seen in The Amazing Spider-Man as the ill-fated Uncle Ben.

Don’t forget with all the great TV that is coming up soon and all of the sitting and junk fooding out that you’ll be doing that is is important to stay in shape- and team sportswear will help you look good while doing it.

If there was any doubt at all, this confirms it; television is completely out of ideas. Tonight, The CW brings us the series premiere of Oh Sit!, a reality competition/gameshow based on the children’s game musical chairs. Yes. Extreme musical chairs the gameshow. The series is hosted by Jamie Kennedy, Jessi Cruikshank, and Tanika Ray… Jamie Kennedy, are times really this hard? You showed so much promise in the Scream series and now you are hosting musical chairs? Come on dude. *shakes head*

Oh Sit! season 1, episode 1
Official Description: The series premiere of a competition based on musical chairs in which contestants race through obstacle courses to avoid being eliminated. The goal: to claim a chair that allows them to continue playing and possibly win a cash prize.

The show premieres on The CW at 8PM against the likes of other reality competitions Big Brother and So You Think you Can Dance? Lets take a look at a few other shows on tonight:


CBS: Big Brother (reality competition)
FOX: So You Think You Can Dance (reality competition)
ABCFAM: Melissa & Joey/Baby Daddy (comedies)
CARTOON: Lego Ninjago: The Series (animation)
HGTV: (8:30PM) Kitchen Cousins (docu)
STARZ: Boss (drama)


A&E: Storage Wars Texas (reality)
BRAVO: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (reality)
DSC: Shark Fight (docu)
HGTV: Property Brothers (docu)
SYFY: Haunted Collector (docu)
TLC: Toddlers & Tiaras (disgusting reality)
USA: Royal Pains (medical drama)


ABC: 20/20 (news showcase)
A&E: American Hoggers (reality)
BRAVO: Top Chef Masters (reality competition)
COMEDY: Futurama (animation)
E: The Soup (news comedy)
FOOD: Restaurant: Impossible (docu)
USA: Necessary Roughness (drama)

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I’m still semi in shock from last months 100th issue of The Walking Dead, where (slight spoiler) one of the most beloved character in the series was killed in what was easily the most brutal and hard to read deaths in the series. And for those familiar with The Walking Dead, writer/creator Robert Kirkman doesn’t hold back. We’ve seen people get eaten alive, beheaded, their throats ripped out… we’ve even seen a woman holding a baby get gunned down killing them both. This death was particularly hard after getting to know and love the character over 99 issues. He was one of few characters that I thought were safe. Kirkman, as he has in the past, proved that no one was safe and I’m very anxious about who might be killed in the last three issues of “Something to Fear”.

The Walking Dead #101
Official Description: “SOMETHING TO FEAR” continues! In the aftermath of the events of the monumental 100th issue… things are not going well.

The issue comes out later today. I’ll be waiting for the doors to the comic store to open to get my hands on it. The Walking Dead remains the only ongoing title that I need to get right when I can. It is IMHO the best title on the market today. Have you been following “Something to Fear”? Did the last issue shock you? What do you think will happen next?

Check out these Walking Dead related products…

Finally Warner Brothers and DC Comics are getting their act together! The behemoth that was The Avengers this summer seems to have lit a fire underneath the suits in Burbank. First Gangster Squad writer Will Beall was given the task of scripting the film that will finally (hopefully) bring all of the big DC comics Titans together on the big screen for the first time. Last week the studio was reportedly eying Ben Affleck to direct with Harry Potter alum David Yates next on their list. Could we be finally seeing this happen? If it does here are some suggestions that I think WB/DC should take into consideration.

Story and Villains
Give the Justice League a full on challenge, not just something like the Injustice Gang plotting to take over the world. Put the whole world in danger and have this be the reason for why they have to team up. Don’t team them up simply because Joker, Luthor, Trickster, and Star Sapphire have joined forces so that means Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern should team up. Throw the team together because Earth is being invaded by Darkseid and his forces from Apokolips. The story from the recent reboot, DC’s “New 52” is perfect for that. Have the Earth be in serious trouble from a real threat. Give us the full fight of the league vs Darkseid. That was my biggest complaint about The Avengers. When you took away all the geek factors and other story parts you essentially had an Alien Invasion movie with no real pay-off at the end. Instead it was a mid credits teaser where the big villain was revealed and now you have to wait presumably until The Avengers 2 to see it. Don’t do that here! Make the league face Darkseid individually and fail then lead up to them fighting together to stop him.

Creative and Personnel
Get the right people involved on the production, Hire Paul Dini and Bruce Timm from every recent memory DC Comics animated series and features to look over scripting and story details. Get Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and Dan Jurgens to make sure DC’s interests are kept true to the comic universe. These are key to the process. Warner Brothers need to do what they been doing wrong all these years. Make this a collaborative film, pick the right storylines from the comics to help inspire the story. Now we’ve seen Ben Afflec’sk name come up already in line for the gig though his rep’s reportedly say he has passed (which I don’t believe). My gut tells me he is probably still talking to them. Yes he turned down the Man Of Steel allegedly, but he is obviously impressing people at Warner Brothers with his work. I’m a fan of his directorial work, Gone Baby, Gone and The Town were two of the best crime films I’ve seen in a long time. The guy knows his stuff, but the question remains can he do a big action film. My answer to that would be yes he probably can. He’s worked on those type films as an actor, so he would have had to picked up something along the way (good or bad). He is also a comic book geek so he will know what kind of audience he has to aim the film for as well. I think Affleck’s previous work has earned him a shot. I would also be happy with Warner’s rumored second choice, David Yates. He can make a solid film and has huge spectacle film experience. Some of the action sequences from the Harry Potter films he has directed have been nothing short of excellent. I would hope Warners interviews or talks to a few more directors before anything is made official and I hope we get to hear who they are.

Check out Part 2 of my Justice League Movie Suggestions: Casting the Big Three.

Okay, I know what you are thinking… Beverly Hills Nannies? Seriously? That is one of the best things to watch tonight? Seriously? Beverly Hills Nannies? Yes, the show is one of those awful reality shows that showcases awful people- this time the wannabe famous (and sometimes has been) rich Beverly Hills couples with kids and the fame seeking wannabe famous nannies that are over paid and complain too much. It is horrible, yet something about it is also horribly addictive. Or maybe after having a kid I suddenly have a soft spot about shows that deal with taking care of kids (even if it is at 40 dollars an hour).

Beverly Hills Nannies “Nannies Need Love Too”
Official Description: Cindy plays matchmaker for Kristin. Meanwhile, Lucy considers ending her relationship with her boyfriend; Amanda likes Justin’s friend; Justin gives Lindsay advice on romance; and Maggie encounters unexpected problems at work.

The new episode airs tonight after a new episode of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family at 9pm. What else is on?


FOX: Hotel Hell (reality)
NBC: America’s Got Talent (reality competition)
ABCFAM: Pretty Little Liars (teen drama)
ANIMAL: Hillbilly Handfishin’ (docu)
BET: The BET Awards ’12 (awards)
CARTOON: Level Up (animation)
STARZ: Boss (drama)


FOX: MasterChef (reality competition)
CW: The L.A. Complex (drama)
A&E: Shipping Wars (reality)
LIFE: Dance Moms (reality scum)
SYFY: Destination Truth (docu)
TNT: Rizzoli & Isles (crime drama)
USA: White Collar (crime drama)


ABC: NY Med (docu)
HGTV: House Hunters/House Hunting International (docu)
LIFE: The Week the Women Want (reality)
MTV: Teen Mom (reality)
OXYGEN: The Glee Project (reality competition)
TNT: Franklin & Bash (legal drama)
USA: Covert Affairs (spy drama)

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August really can be called “Deadpool Month” as this week brings us two new issues; the 59th issue of the merc with a mouth’s ongoing self named title, Deadpool, and the third issue of his mini series, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Writer Daniel Way and artist Salva Espin keep bringing the laughs and continue “Blacklisted” with another one of Deadpool’s “rogues” villains making a return. The awesome cover (above left) is by Dave Johnson. Deadpool Kills is a fun What If? style of mini-series (except that it is much more violent and gory than those tales usually were). It comes to us from writer Cullen Bunn, artist Dalibor Talajic and cover artist Kaare Andrews.

Deadpool #59 (above left)
Part two of “Blacklisted!” The return of classic Deadpool Detractor, BLACK SWAN! Will the now-killable assassin get assassin’d?

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 (above right)
What if everything you thought was funny about Deadpool…was actually just disturbing? What if he decided to kill everyone and everything that makes up the Marvel Universe? What if he actually pulled it off? Would that be FUN for you? The Merc with a Mouth takes a turn for the twisted in a weekly horror comic like no other…

Both issues hit stands on August 15th, 2012. In other Deadpool news, his ongoing title will be getting a reboot and restarting with a new #1 come November as part of Marvel NOW! (SEE: Marvel Now! Poster & Press Release). Taking him on new adventures will be the comedian team of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan with art by Tony Moore. Marvel has hinted that the new series will feature S.H.I.E.L.D. and Zombie Presidents. Only in Deadpool

Check out these Deadpool related products…

Tonight kicks off the second season of Grimm, NBC’s fairy tale inspired horror/crime drama. The series stars David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, a Portland police detective who discovered that he was one of the last “Grimms”, a long line of guardians who are charged with keeping the balance between the humans and mysthological creatures such as werewolves and reapers. (season one spoilers) As the first season ended, Nick attempted to tell his wife that he was a Grimm, but before he could she was poisoned and fell into a coma. We were left if a few cliffhangers as Nick was saved by a mysterious woman, who revealed herself to be his mother and Nick’s wife’s eyes snapped open revealing them to be black.

Grimm season 2, episode 1 “Bad Teeth”
Official Episode Description: Nick tries to deal with his mother’s unexpected return as the second season begins. Meanwhile, a foreign plot to hunt down Nick comes to light; Rosalee and Monroe attempt to awaken Juliette from her coma; Hank processes some new information; and Capt. Renard works to reconnect with his estranged brother.

Check out the second season premiere of Grimm at 10pm on NBC. The series stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, and Silas Weir Mitchell.

What else is on tonight?


ABC: Bachelor Pad (reality scum)
CW: Perez Hilton All Access: Lady Gaga (news showcase)
FOX: Hotel Hell (reality)
NBC: Stars Earn Stripes (reality)
ABCFAM: The Secret Life of the American Teenager (drama)
CARTOON: Regular Show (animation)
USA: WWE Monday Night Raw (wrestling)


FOX: Hell’s Kitchen (reality cooking)
A&E: Intervention (docu)
ABCFAM: Bunheads (drama)
BBC: Top Gear (docu)
BRAVO: The Real Housewives of New York City (reality)
TNT: The Closer (crime drama)
SYFY: Warehouse 13 (supernatural)


ABC: The Glass House (reality)
A&E: Intervention (docu)
FOOD: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (docu)
HGTV: (10:30PM) House Hunters International (docu)
MTV: Teen Wolf (supernatural)
SYFY: Alphas (sci-fi)
TNT: Major Crimes (crime)

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