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The fall television season is in full swing and we have lots of casting news and the axe has fallen on the first new shows of the season. Read on…

Lets start with the breakout hit of the season, the Zooey Deschanel sitcom New Girl, after an awkward actor swap between the pilot and second episode — Lamorne Morris took over for Damon Wayans Jr who appeared in the pilot, but then his low rated series Happy Endings was surprisingly renewed which didn’t let him continue with New Girl. Not only has the series been picked up for a full season, but they just scored an awesome guest star, Zooey look-a-like Lizzy Caplan, who will be a love interest for Nick (Jake Johnson). She’ll be around for multiple episodes.

When 30 Rock returns (at some point midseason?) look for X-Men‘s Cyclops James Marsden to be appearing in at least one episode if not more. This might be the last season of the NBC comedy, with Alec Baldwin thinking about bowing out after the new season. Other announced guests for the new season include Denise Richards and Will Arnett (who might be pulling triple duty between this, his new series Up All Night, and the rumored return of Arrested Development in mini-series format).

NBC, who canceled the Playboy Club earlier, has now pulled the plug on their new comedy Free Agents, which starred Hank Azaria, Kathryn Hanh, and featured Buffy alum Anthony Head. Surprisingly the network ordered a full season for their struggling new comedy Whitney. With things not looking that promising with their new crop of shows, maybe NBC will go back on calling this season of Chuck its last? Maybe they will throw us fans a bone with a full season order (instead of just 13 episodes)? We can hope, can’t we?

Speaking about Chuck, if the casting of Mark Hamill and Carrie Anne-Moss in guest spots wasn’t cool enough, lets add comic book legend Stan Lee to the mix along with Community funny man Danny Pudi and White Collar‘s Tim DeKay. The new season begins in three weeks with a Halloween-themed episode.

What? Duke Nukem Forever finally coming out isn’t enough news for you today? Okay, okay… here are some more bites and pieces from Hollywood.

  • It looks like ABC’s superhero drama No Ordinary Family will not live to fight another season. In addition to the fact that its ratings keep getting worse, the show’s two leads Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz have signed up for new pilots with CBS (a sit com for Chiklis and a supernatural drama for Benz. Now, if ABC decides to renew the show for a second season, both are contracted for it, but it is highly unlikely that they’d shoot new pilots if there was any chance of No Ordinary Family surviving.
  • It looks like Men in Black III got another damaging blow as its constant delays have caused them to lose Alec Baldwin from the cast of the sci-fi sequel. The production has been struggling, having started without a finished script and got delayed to work out various story problems. Barry Sonnenfeld returned to helm the film with Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Rip Torn reprising their roles from the earlier movies. Joining them are Josh Brolin as a younger version of Jones’ Agent K, along with Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, and Jemaine Clement. I hope they get things back on track and give us a quality follow up to the original MIB, because the second one is best left forgotten.
  • Dark Horse will be releasing the first issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 in August, starting with Angel’s new ongoing, then following it in September with Buffy’s new ongoing. Both series will last for 25 issues that are being released over two years. To add to the awesomeness, Dark Horse also revealed that they will be doing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10. This comes after a long time where Joss had said that season 9 would be the last. Season 9 writers are expected to be revealed at Wonder Con and I can’t wait to see who will be apart of the new season.
  • Looking for a cool place to take a Holiday? Than you might want to learn more about Hengar Manor.


Tonight at 9:30 on NBC is an all new Holiday episode of 30 Rock. Kenneth struggles to arrange a Holiday gift swap, Liz tried to buy Jack the right gift, Jenna shares her Holiday solo performance, and Jack signs up for a new social-networking site and finds a former school flame (guest star Julianne Moore).  Also on tonight on NBC are new Christmas themed episodes of Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office.

Also on tonight…


  • CBS: Survivor: Samoa (Reality)
  • FOX: Bones (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Community/Parks and Recreation (Comedies)
  • MNT: 2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade (Holiday Special)


  • CBS: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Crime Drama)
  • FOX: Fringe (Sci-Fi)
  • NBC: The Office/30 Rock (Comedies)
  • SPIKE: TNA Wrestling Impact! (Wrestling)


  • CBS: The Mentalist (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Jay Leno Show (Talk/Sketch Comedy)
  • FX: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League (Comedies)
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Tonight is an awesome night for new TV! There is something for everyone along with a whole lot of new comedy. On the top of the pack is 30 Rock, which airs at 9:30pm on NBC. Titled “Senor Macho Solo”, the new episodes features both Salma Hayek and Peter Dinklage.

“Senor Macho Solo” Official Description: “Liz’s quest to have a baby takes a peculiar turn when she grows attracted to a new fellow (Dinklage). And Jack’s a busy man: He woos his mother’s nurse (Hayek); helps Jenna score a role as Janis Joplin; and gives marriage pointers to Tracy and his wife (Sherri Shepherd).”

Also on tonight:


  • ABC: Ugly Better (Comedy/Drama)
  • NBC: My Name is Earl/Kath & Kim (Comedies)


  • ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (Medical Drama)


  • ABC: Private Practice (Medical Drama)
  • NBC: ER (Medical Drama)