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Avengers Prime issue 1, Thor, Ironman, Captain America

Okay, I know that I’m been focusing on Marvel titles a lot lately, but what can I say the Heroic Age stuff has peaked my interest.  In Avengers Prime #1 we get Marvel’s big three (Iron Man, Thor, and Steve Rogers, the original Captain America) back together and face to face. After everything that has gone on the past year, how could they ever trust each other again? I’m not sure but they will have to find out as a threat only their combined might can face is ready to tear apart the world. The issue hits stands on June 2nd, 2010.

Also out on June 2nd; DC Comics has Brightest Day #3, Dark Horse has Serenity: Float Out, and Image Comics has Invincible #72. What will you be getting next week?

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It is here, Marvel Comics’ AGE OF HEROES. And with it, the Marvel universe pulls out of the darkness that has held comics for the past few years and gets back to having true heroes. Today, both Age of Heroes #1 and Avengers #1 hit stands.

Age of Heroes launches the “Heroic Age” and spotlights life for some of Marvel’s biggest heroes.  With Norman Osborn defeated, the Avengers have one last foe to face for the public’s opinion, J. Jonah Jameson, the Mayor of NYC.  In Avengers #1, who will be apart of the new team? With Kang the Conqueror arriving from the future and ready to brawl, who will stop him? I’m assuming Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man are safe bets! 🙂

From DC Comics we have Brightest Day #2, what does it mean to the DCU, and The Legion of Super-Heroes #1, which relaunches DC’s heroes from the future. Image Comics has The Walking Dead #72 and Astounding Wolf-Man #23. Dark Horse has Emily the Strange: The 13th Hour #3. What will you be buying this week?

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The Pit v3 Logo

Sorry about the slow updates. There really hasn’t been much to talk about and I’ve been distracted by the returns to two of my favorite shows, Lost and Chuck. In fact, if you haven’t yet, you should really watch the first 6 (awesome) episodes of the new Chuck season! (Note: See the previous article for a link to the new Lost episodes)

  • Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol? Sure, Stern has been in radio for as long as I can rememeber and is just as mean as Cowell, but would you call him a music genius? Or even an expert? He is not a record producer, he hasn’t ushered into countless talents. If they choose him, the show is becoming even more of a joke than when they announced Ellen replacing Paula. When will this show end? With X-Factor coming, is it really needed?
  • The Super Bowl is on tonight, and that means there is another Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! ABC brings us a Modern Family marathon (with reruns of Cougar Town and The Middle thrown into the mix). Fox has reruns of their usual Sunday toons. And CBS is following the big game with the new reality show, Undercover Boss.
  • Over at Marvel Comics, the Avengers are changing things up again and relaunching with a new #1. Who has been revealed on the new team so far? We have Captain America (looks like it’s the Bucky version), Jessica Drew the Spider-Woman, Iron-Man, the recently revived Hawkeye, and the soon to be a big motion picture Thor! None of these guys are unexpected, but it shows that Marvel is getting away from the “Dark Marvel” age and bringing back the traditional “Hero” aspect of their universe.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #32 hit stands earlier this week. This is part 1 of “Twilight”, the story that will finally reveal the identity of Season 8’s “big bad”.

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It is that time again, sit back, relax and enjoy your weekly Pit!

  • The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con’s Wednesday Preview night will include sneak peek screenings of the pilots for Human Target, V, and The Vampire Diaries. While The Vampire Diaries looks like it is taking all of the horrible things about Twilight and making it into a TV series, the comic adaptation Human Target and the remake of the alien invasion V actually look really interesting.
  • Fox has hired Kyle Ward to pen a script for Hitman 2, a sequel to the studio’s abomination that they tried to pass off as an adaptation of the hit game. Variety describes the plot of the sequel as a time that “catches title character, Agent 47, at a low point.” Funny enough, the first Hitman movie was the title character’s low point!
  • With the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Warner Brothers and DC Comics better get their act together with their other superhero properties. The Marc Guggenheim penned GL script features a cameo by Clark Kent. Will the WB use this to tie together a movie DC Universe? Will they continue forward with Brandon Routh as Clark Kent? Tom Welling? Or start fresh again.  Would it be very jarring to cast a new Clark Kent who we don’t know before a new Superman film has even had any development? For once, I really wish the WB and DC could take a page from Marvel Studio’s book .
  • While on the subject of Marvel, their comic side has posted a new free issue online, Captain America Reborn: Prelude. As the title says, it is a prelude to their currently running Captain America Reborn limited series which showcases the return of the classic Captian, Steve Rogers.  Check it out at Marvel’s website.
  • I guess I’m going to keep this week’s Pit completely geektaskic. has posted all 13 episodes of the Blade TV spin-off. I missed it in its original run, so I’m excited to be able to watch it whenever I want online, for free. With all this recent talk about a possible Blade movie prequel and Ryan Reynolds getting another comic book role, I’ve been back in the mood for the vampire hunter.
  • Previewing this week’s comic preview… BOOM! Studios is releasing the first issue of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a straight book to comic adaptation of the classic Philip K. Dick novel that inspired Blade Runner. The series will run for 24 issues.


This Wednesday (June 17th, 2009) Captain America #600 hits stores from Ed Brubaker along with Roger Stern and Mark Waid, and art from Alex Ross, Dale Eaglesham, Butch Guice and Luke Ross.  The cover on the left is by Steve Epting and the variant on the right is from Alex Ross.

In the new issue, it is the anniversary of the death of Steve Rogers and the book looks at the life of the former Captain America and includes what Marvel is calling “the most wicked plot twist since” Steve Roger’s death. Also in the milestone issue is an essy from Joe Simon, a story from Captain America’s Golden Age, and a gallery of covers from all 600 issues.

Other interesting comics coming out on Wednesday…

  • Marvel: Cable #15 – Part 6 of the “Messiah War”. Cable is one of only a handful of ongoing series that I anticipate every month.
  • DC: Batman: Streets of Gotham #1 – There is a new Batman, how will Gotham react to him?
  • Image: Invincible #63 – Will Invincible be able to save the planet?
  • IDW: Angel #22 – Will this series finally be good? I keep giving it a chance in hopes that it’d begin to feel like the show. It hasn’t yet.

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Marvel Superhero Squad, Cartoon

Cartoon Network and Marvel Comics are teaming up for the Marvel Super Hero Squad, a new animated series that will feature some of Marvel’s most popular heroes, including Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Silver Surfer, among others. The network has ordered 26 episodes of the series.

The new cartoon is loosely based on Marvel’s weekly comic strip of the same name, which features a new strip every day. Click here to check them out. The new series will premiere in late 2009.

Captain America issue 46Captain America issue 46

Captain America #46 hit stands yesterday from writer Ed Brubaker with art by Steve Epting. The issue is part 1 of a new 3 part story arc that sees the new Captain America (formerly Bucky/Winter Soldier) team up with Prince Namor to save the memory of an old friend.  Brubaker’s run on Captain America has been intriguing and entertaining, and this new arc looks just as good.

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