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June of next year, directors John Lasseter and Brad Lewis will be bringing Lightning McQueen back into theaters as he goes on a whirlwind adventure around the world with his best pal Mater. I loved the first Cars and I can’t wait to see what Pixar comes up with for the sequel. There have been rumors of spies and an international race, with mistaken identity mixed with a chase movie.  I’d pretty much be game for whatever they come up with. The only sad part is that Paul Newman will not be able to reprise his role as the voice of Doc Hudson, he will be missed. Check out the teaser poster and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Cars 2

You can check out a teaser trailer for the film here.

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Sure we all want to roll down the street in James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS or the 1976 Ford Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch, but how do you know if your movie star car is really a star? Who wants to spend big money on a car without knowing everything you can find out about said car? I know I hate wasting money.

The Car Connection is a pretty cool website for anyone who is interested in buying a car and also for automobile enthusiasts. The website is very user friendly, and includes reviews (with comparisons), tips and advice, and consumer news on all makes and models that you can think of!  The website has different sections for New Cars, Used Cars, Photos, Classifieds, Insurance, Reviews, Forum, and News, along with an easy to use search, and ways to find parts, dealers and service centers. I took the time to search a few different car models to see what pages I find and what info the site has on very different types of cars.

My first search was for the kia sorento. The first thing I notice on the website is that it has a 7.8 our of 10 user rating. Impressive start. I see links for models from 2003 to 2011 with specs, photos, and a 360′ view. There is a large photo with a detailed description/history of the sorento. Right under the rating is editor’s likes and dislikes about the car which are very helpful in deciding if a car if worth buying. There are videos, listing in my area, and even tweets about the car. It is an information overload.

Next up I looked at the toyota 4runner. Right off the bat I see that the 4runner has an 8.2 rating, higher than the sorento, and that it has info on models all the way back to 2001! In addition to specs, photos, and a 360′ view, it also has options for review summary, styling, performance, quality, safety, and features! It has everything the sorento page had and more.

My third search was for the mercedes benz r-class. Pictured in the article logo, this is one beautiful car. It also has an 8.2 rating and tons of details on the car. Right off the bat I find out that it is a great long-haul tourer, and has a better mobile lounge than most other cars the same size, but on the flip side I see that it has lethargic steering. Should I get it or keep searching? These are questions that you can ask yourself.

My last search was for the honda fit. Do I like what I find? Well, it only has an 8.0 rating, which is not as good as the mercedes or the toyota. But I really like the likes they have listed, and the dislikes don’t urk me. What are they? Click the link to check out the page.

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Cars Animated Toon

A couple weeks ago we reported about Pixar’s new Up short, George and AJ and now they have a new Cars Toon, UFM: Unidentified Flying Mater.  In the short, the ever lovable Mater is telling Lightning McQueen the story about when he befriended a UFO. As always, the short is fun, inventive, and entertaining. I can not wait for Cars 2 in 2011!

You can watch Mater (and a few other familiar cars) in UFM: Unidentified Flying Mater via YouTube or Facebook.

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Motor Trend is a contemporary world car magazine which provides evaluations of automotive products for all varieties and styles of cars. Its feature material includes motor sport and technical departments, auto industry news, styling and engineering details, safety reports, race car reviews, equipment and accessory buyers guides and impressions of new trucks and off-road vehicles.

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While I hate hate hate how this site is laid out, I absolutely LOVE the content. The Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDB for short, of course) lists and has pictures for pretty much every car to be featured in any film and TV series that you can think of (including foreign films and music videos even). The design of the site makes it tough to scan through, but the search works like a charm. I also have a lot of fun clicking around the different car models and seeing the wild variety of shows and movies that use the same style car or even the same exact cars. If you like cars and movies, this site is perfect to get lost into for a couple hours.

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