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We are giving away one of the most surprising (and fun) crossovers in cartoon/movie history, a (Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack) of The Flintstones & WWE Stone Age Smackdown! It takes me back to when the Harlem Gobetrotters teamed up with the Scooby Gang.

In honor of the movie’s release, we are proud to present The Flintstones & WWE Stone Age Smackdown App. Featured included in the app are: (1) find out which Flintstones WWE star you are via a quiz, (2) downloadable activities you can share with your whole family, (3) watch the official trailer, and (4) a link to buy the movie online (in case you don’t win it). Check it out…

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Thanks for the guest post from Kirk Wood.

Ni Hao Kai LanNi Hao Kai Lan is about a little Chinese girl and her animal friends. They solve problems together, and teach children ethics, which is awesome! Kai Lan lives with her Grandpa. Her friends are Rintoo the tiger, LULU the rhinocerous, HOHO the monkey, and Ptoli the Koala Bear. There are also the hula ducks, that show us how to stay calm by swaying side to side. They interact a lot with the ants. The group has helped the ants build bridges (by teaching shapes and colors, and their Mandarin Chinese names), clean up garbage, save energy by using bikes, build a playground (which taught how to be considerate of everyone), and they have all celebrated numerous holidays together. I love how this show teaches children many Mandarin Chinese words and phrases. This show is educational, fun, and musical. Every show Kai Lan and her friends engage the children in singing about what the problem or issue is. They then have a song to teach the child how to deal with it. This show has shown my child how to share, stay calm, deal with anger, not hit, and think of everyone’s feeling, not just your own. This show even reminds adults that they should think of others, and always be kind to people.

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Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD

Are you a fan of Family Guy? Want to take home the new Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD for free? All you have to do to be entered into the contest to win the DVD is post a comment on this article with your favorite Family Guy episode. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted through the e-mail address provided. A winner will be drawn on November 8th, 2008. Good luck!

UPDATED! – And the winner is… B-Dawg.

A special thanks to everyone who has been checking out the site and took the time to comment and enter the contest. We’ll be posting a new contest this weekend, keep checking back to see what it is for!

And you can continue reading to check out the Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD details and contest eligibility.

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Continuing our build up to our Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD giveaway, we now have a Family Guy behind the scenes video featuring the writers of the show talking about the preparation for the show’s 100th episode. It gives us an interesting look at both the writers and the show’s development process.

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With the releaseĀ of Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD, M80 and 20th Century Fox have provided us with this behind the scenes look at Family Guy, featuring interviews with the shows voice actors, including Seth Green, Mila Kunis, and Adam West.

Stay tuned on Friday for another behind the scenes video and don’t forget, we’ll be giving away a Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD this weekend!