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What a couple of weeks for the Terminator series! Two weeks ago Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he would be starring in a new Terminator movie, and then the rumors started flying! Included in the mix of rumors are such things as Arnold portraying a human character — and an ally of the Connor’s family, the movie would take place in the way past before even Sarah Connor is born, and the biggest rumor of all is that we’d be seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (aka the franchise savior) as a new Terminator that would be facing off head to head with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new sci-fi action movie. We did not get confirmation of any of the wild rumors today, but we definitely got a bit more information of the new Terminator film… ah, make that films!

Paramount Pictures has announced that they are teaming up with Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures on a rebooted and stand-alone Terminator trilogy, the first of which will be released on June 26, 2015. Joining the team of the new film are producers Megan Ellison (Lawless, Zero Dark Thirty, Killing Them Softly), and David Ellison (Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, Jack Reacher, World War Z), and screenwriters Laeta Kalorgridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (D.rive Angry). There is no word yet on Arnold or The Rock’s involvement, but with how fast Paramount is moving forward with the project I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a director announcement followed by some casting news. Could we get some information as early as the San Diego Comic Con?

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Hilary Duff in new Bonnie and Clyde Movie

According to Variety, Hilary Duff and Kevin Zegers (their faces are pasted over Dunaway and Beatty’s bodies above) above are set to star as Bonnie and Clyde in an all new adaptation by Tonya S. Holly and Cypress Moon Studios. The independent feature, titled The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, is based on newspaper articles about the gangsters and will not be a remake of the Beatty classic. Natalie Canerday and Rance Howard are co-starring in the crime drama.

I’ll be completely honest, I had no idea who Zegers was and I had to IMDB him. His four Air Bud credits don’t exactly scream that hes a good fit for Clyde. Duff also has not done anything to impress or convince me that she is right for the role. I think I’ll stick with my DVD copy of Bonnie and Clyde and skip this Story.

How about you, will you give this new version a chance?

Wow, this past week there were a lot of interesting TV casting announcements. Enjoy this Sunday, because it is almost time to get back to work…

  • Paramount Pictures helps to pay the way for 3D. (Variety)
  • The first 5 episodes of the seventh season of Fox’s 24 are online. You only have until 2/16/09 to view the first four episodes before they are taken offline. (Hulu)
  • There are new screenshots from the vidge game version of my favorite ghost hunters, the Ghostbusters! Who you gonna call? (Newsarama)
  • Just incase you haven’t noticed, we have an all new contest! Interested in winning the first 2 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on DVD? (MHD)

mila kunis is beautifulMila Kunis has been cast in Warner Brothers’ post-apocalyptic western, The Book of Eli. She joins Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in this film about a warrior (Washington) who must fight across the country while protecting a book that might be the key to saving humanity.

The film is being helmed by Albert and Allen Hughes, the team behind 2001’s lackluster graphic novel adaptation From Hell. The brothers also wrote and directed Menace II Society and Dead Presidents.

The film starts shooting in January, so we shouldn’t expect to see it until January of 2010 at the earliest. Personally, I don’t like Denzel that much, but I have an undying love for Kunis and Oldman.  Add that to my love of westerns (even weird sci-fi westerns) and my butt just might be in the theater on opening day.