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NBC Chuck Comic BookI feel like the current season of TV is flying by! Can you believe that we are 4 hours into the last 17 hours of Lost ever? And how great has the new season of Chuck been?  Who would have thought that both Brandon Routh and Kristen Kreuk would fit seamlessly into the cast? I want them both to join up full time (esp the ex-Superman).

So, have you been too busy? Miss some TV? Well, be thankful for the Internet, cause most of the good stuff is offered online for free viewing!

In the latest episode of Lost, we get a look at the life of John Locke in the “other world”, while Sawyer learns more about the island from the Smoke Monster.  I have to admit, the “other world” Locke has been the most interesting stuff about the character since season 1.  I haven’t been much of a fan of his, but I like where they are going with this and for the first time I’m interested to see where he will end up.

Over on Chuck, our favorite nerd herder is getting pretty damn good at the spy game.  “Chuck versus the Mask” sees Chuck and new (sorta almost) galpal Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) on a mission together, the only problem is that she isn’t a spy.

In the new episode of The Office, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Manager that is. Who will keep the job? Michael or Jim? Is there really any question here?  I also have to add, I’ve really been enjoying Kathy Bates on the show. She’s a nice addition to the cast.

This next link is from Phasekitty, Life Unexpected on the CW. The show is in the vein of old school WB shows (Dawson’s Creek anyone?).

What did you watch this week?

Reaper comings to a close tonight

Tonight at 8pm on the CW is the series finale of Reaper. The supernatural drama reaches its end prematurely at the close of its second season. Titled “The Devil & Sam Oliver”, the episode sees Sam (Bret Harrison) challenging the devil in a game to win back his soul.  Did the producers foresee cancellation and prepare a satisfying finale for the fans, or will another series just end abruptly? We’ll have to tune in tonight to find out.

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  • ABC: According to Jim (Comedy)


  • ABC: Diamonds (Drama)
  • CW: Hitched or Ditched (Reality)
  • FOX: Mental (Drama)


  • FX: Rescue Me (Drama)
  • HIST: Life After People (Documentary)
  • SCIFI: ECW (Wrestling)

Superman vs Doomsday

Tonight at 8pm on the CW is the season finale of Smallville. After a season of building up to it, Clark Kent comes head to head with Doomsday! Along for the ride are DC Comics heroes Green Arrow, Impulse, the Black Canary, and Cosmic Boy (of the Legion of Superheroes).  Will the episode follows the comics’ iconic battle that left both Doomsday and Superman dead? We’ll see tonight.

Also on tonight…


  • ABC: Ugly Betty (Comedy Drama)
  • CBS: Survivor: Tocantins (Reality)
  • FOX: Bones (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: My Name is Earl/Parks and Recreation (Comedies)


  • ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (Medical Drama)
  • CBS: CSI (Crime Drama)
  • CW: Supernatural (Supernatural Drama)
  • FOX: Hell’s Kitchen (Reality)
  • NBC: The Office/30 Rock (Comedies)
  • SPIKE: TNA Impact! (Wrestling)


  • CBS: CSI: NY (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Southland (Crime Drama)

TV Flipped Column with PJ Flip

Welcome to my all-new column, where I look at the cool little aspects of the latest TV episodes and news.

Did you catch the inside joke on Monday nights episode of Castle?

Nathan FillionOkay, so Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is talking to his daughter and mother about Nannies.  Castle mentions that his nanny would sit and watch daytime soap operas.  He then revealed that he got the idea for his first book from watching an episode of One Life to Live.  In the mid 90s, Nathan Fillion portrayed Joey Buchanan One Life to Live.  This would be about the same time that Castle got his idea for his books.  Most of these little inside jokes the casual watcher won’t even realize, but they are funny when you do know them.

Speaking of Nannies and inside jokes on shows, there is also inside advertising.  On tonight’s episode of One Tree Hill, Nanny Deb is asking Jaime what he wants to watch and he replies Gossip Girl, cause it makes him feel bad.  Gossip Girl airs right before One Tree Hill on the CW.

And while we are on the subject of Gossip Girl, did you hear who will be portraying a teenage Lily van der Woodsen on the Gossip Girl prequel?  None other than Brittany Snow. Does anyone else think it’s weird that she was once in love with her daughter Serena’s ex boyfriend Dan Humphrey (they got down in John Tucker Must Die)?

Brittany Snow Gossip Girl

(Brittany Snow in the Gossip Girl prequel)

The CW has released a clip from the new episode of Smallville, “Turbulence”. In the clip, Davis comes face to face with Jimmy Olsen, who is trying to beat the truth out of the man who becomes Doomsday. I’m not sure how I feel about this Doomsday arc overall, but it is getting interesting.

What do you think? Is the season going to end with a smack down between Clark and Doomsday? Or will that be this version of Superman’s first fight as Superman. I can’t image them doing another season without Clark donning the tights. This episode airs on Thursday at 8pm.

Reaper 203

Reaper was one of my favorite new shows of last season. As opposed to all of the dark stuff on TV, it is light hearted and fun. The supernatural twist and perfect relationships (of course I’m talking about Sam, Sock and Ben here) make for a very entertaining series. This is the third episode of the new season, and it really needs a bit more support and viewers. The CW put the show in a tough timelot with no lead in and it faces off with American Idol. Lets hope for the best.

In the new episode Sam and the gang face off with a 1950s boxer who escaped from hell. Will Sam be able to knock him out in the ring? I doubt it, but he’ll try.  The new episode airs tonight at 8pm on the CW.

Also on tonight…


  • ABC: Dancing With the Stars: Performance Recap (Reality)
  • CBS: NCIS (Crime Drama)
  • FOX: American Idol (Reality)
  • NBC: Biggest Loser: Couples (Reality)
  • MNT: Street Patrol (Reality)


  • CBS: The Mentalist (Crime Drama)
  • MNT: Jail (Reality)
  • SCIFI: ECW (Wrestling)
  • TNT: Trust Me (Drama)


  • ABC: Primetime: What Would You do? (News)
  • CBS: Without a Trace (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Crime Drama)

The CW Network has renewed six shows, including Supernatural, One Tree Hill, America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Smallville.  The one that surprises me the most from the list is Smallville, which was expected to end its run last season when most of the cast’s contracts were up and the original showrunners left the series. Thankfully it got picked up and a surge of creative juices making the current season the best season since the first, with the near perfect Legion episode featuring three members of the Legion of Superheroes, engaging storylines featuring Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter, Doomsday, and Lana and Lex getting a final send off with a bang. This past season makes me wonder what the show would have been like had the original showrunners left a long time ago.

Sadly, two of my favorite CW shows, Reaper and Privileged have not been picked up.  Reaper is only just about to start its second season, taking over the post Gossip Girl spot that Privileged held.  First, I have to say how funky of a spot that is for Reaper. The network couldn’t put it after Supernatural or 13: The Fear is Real?  I can’t imagine that the teenyboppers that are watching Gossip Girl and going to stay for Reaper‘s supernatural comedy. Although, that Sock is dreamy.  Second, I can only assume that the network is trading spots with these two good shows to choose which one to keep and which to cut. And that’s a shame, with time and some better scheduling, I think both shows could develop into great shows. I mean, the network did give One Tree Hill a chance, and now it is more fresh than it ever was. Who ever though Hill would make it to seven seasons?

I wonder, will they team the 90210 remake/continuation up with the new Melrose Place? That’s right, they officially announced that they are making it, with Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) directing the pilot. We can now start to guess who they might have anchor the show from the original cast, I’d perfer to have Andrew Shue’s Billy return, but we’ll likely be stuck with Heather Locklear. Locklear has jumped from show to show with none surviving her reign since Melrose ended.  Maybe they creators will get really creative and have Grant Show’s Jake Hanson dating Jennie Garth’s Kelly Taylor, and have 90210 lead directly into Melrose Place. Better yet, have Hanson dating one of the high schoolers. Oh, the drama!