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Cover for The Brave and the Bold issue 21

Okay, I’ll be perfectly honest here. I have not read any of the previous issues of The Brave and the Bold, nor do I really have any interest in the series. But this week’s cover (as seen above) by Doug Braithwaite is simply breath taking and is a perfect rendition of two classic DC Comics heroes. That alone might get me to check out the new issue.

Written by David Hine with interior art by Braithwaite and Bill Reinhold, here is the issue’s official preview: “It’s Lantern vs. Lantern as Hal Jordan comes to blows with his bizarre alien counterpart! Back on Earth, Green Arrow struggles to save the children of Arcadia Orphanage from further horrific experimentation!”

It hits stands this Wednesday, January 21st.

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Okay, the current “New Krypton” story not only grabbed and held my attention, but it surged Superman’s comics with an energy that I haven’t seen in ages. Well, here we go, Action Comics #873 is the finale to the arch, and is written by Geoff Johns, with art by Pete Woods.

DC Comics Official Description: “The “New Krypton”finale and a “Faces of Evil”issue! The rapidly rising tensions between the people of Kandor and Earth can only lead to expulsion or war! But even as the governments of Earth begin passing anti-Kryptonian laws, Superman’s people have plans of their own – beyond anything you can imagine! Writer Geoff Johns and artist Pete Woods wrap up this cosmically important chapter in Superman’s life by introducing a major change to The Man of Steel’s status quo!”

The issue is on sale on Wednesday, January 14, 2009.

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Last month, Superman #682 caught my attention and this month they’ve been able to keep. Superman #683 features part 9 of the current “New Krypton” storyline. It is written by James Robinson and Geoff Johns with art from Renato Guedes and Wilson Magalhaes, and an awesome cover by the legendary Alex Ross.

DC Comics’ official description: “Violence breaks out on Earth as the Kryptonians, enraged by humanity’s treatment of them and their newly passed anti-Kryptonian laws, strike back! Imagine 100,000 people, each with the powers of Superman but lacking his humanity — and they’re angry!”

The issue hits stands on January 2nd, 2009. Click on the pictures below to enlarge:

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Earlier this week, Batman #683 hit comic stands from DC Comics, writer Grant Morrison, and artist Lee Garbett, with a cover by Alex Ross. The new issue follows up on the recent “Batman RIP” storyline that saw the death of Bruce Wayne.

DC Comics’ Official Description: This special two-part tale narrated by Sir Alfred Pennnyworth reflects upon the life and times of Gotham City’s most celebrated citizen – and hints at what’s next for The Dark Knight. Grant Morrison delivers a story of past memories, present heartache and future promises. A spectacular, unforgettable farewell to The Dark Knight, mixing memory, dream and speculation as Alfred closes the casebook on the greatest crimefighter of all time. With guest appearances by Batman friends and foes from every era of Batman’s history, this epic adventure cannot be missed.

To check out four preview pages from the new issue, continue reading.

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Tomorrow, Superman #682 hits stands and features part 6 of “New Krypton”. This part is written by James Robinson with art by Renato Guedes an Wilson Magalhaes and an awesome cover by Alex Ross.

DC’s Official Description: Following closely on the stirring events of Supergirl #35, “New Krypton” part 6 sees the unrest between the Kryptonians and humankind rapidly spin out of control. Superman knows it’s only a matter of time before widespread violence breaks out between the two cultures. But deep in the heart of the U.S. military, a deadly new Squad K is being organized. Its mission: clean up the “Kryptonian problem” before it gets out of hand!

Check out these two preview images from the new issue (click to enlarge):

To see the full six page preview, head over to DC Comics’ official website.

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Writer/director Kevin Smith returns to comics with Batman: Cacophony, a three issue limited series that focuses on the Dark Knight.  Smith is no stranger to comics with critically acclaimed runs on Daredevil and Green Arrow, but the talented writer is also known for long delays between issues (Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do and Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target are prime examples). With Cacophony being only three issues, I don’t think we’ll have the delay problem here.

The issue hits stands next week on November 11th, with art by Walt J. Flanagan and Sandra Hope. Here is DC Comic’s official description:  Best-selling comic book writer/director Kevin Smith steps into Gotham City to write this 3-part miniseries event! Practically from out of nowhere, the mysterious masked killer known as Onomatopoeia returns and sets his sights – and sounds – against The Caped Crusader!

Click to enlarge preview pages:

Continue reading for three more pages!

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