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Are you a low budget special effects guru? Looking for a way to get your work out there? Than you should watch this video from Indy Mogul and think about applying to take over Backyard FX.

If you want to learn more about taking over Backyard FX, head over here.

Indy Mogul, the do-it-yourself filmmaking network, have expanded with an all new weekly webseries The Best Short Films in the World. The new series joins Backyard FX, Q&Eric Live, and Four Minute Film School, the latter of which is on hiatus.

The Best Short Films in the World, is hosted by Bobby Miller who chooses four films a week to spotlight based on a specific theme. Past weeks have included dating, prison, nature, and food. This week’s theme is near and dear to my heart, slasher films. Check out the new episode below.

You can watch more episodes and check out Indy Mogul’s whole network of goodies here.

With the success of The Dark Knight, its only natural that a lot of people would want to either mimic the scarred look of Two-Face for a new villain or even shoot their own Batman fan film. The backyard effects specialists at Indy Mogul show us how to create chemical burns. Watch it online and you can check out more of Indy Mogul’s how to videos and their weekly shows here.

Our friends at Indy Mogul helped us make a $15 boom pole, but how do you make a $14 steadycam? Johnny Chung Lee’s website has a step by step guide to creating “the poor man’s steadicam”. He goes over the tools and supplies that you’ll need. He then goes point by point through the process (with pictures), and includes a few samples at the end of his how to.  Worse comes to worse if you decide that it is too much to handle, Lee also sells the cheap steadycam for $39.95 on the site. Click here to see how to build a steadycam for $14.

Or if you don’t like that design, you can try one of these: Camcorder Stabilizer, Detonation Camera Stabilizer, or the $24 Steadycam. Good luck!

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The experts over at Indy Mogul have put together a short video on how to build a $15 boom pole. Having followed this video (and their written how to), I can say that this really does work. My producing partner and I built two boom poles with mounts (it is always good to have a back up just incase). And click here for the detailed step by step on how to build your own $15 dollar boom pole.

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