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TV Flipped Column with PJ Flip

Just wanted to make a quick article with some of the awesome TV casting news from the past week. More news soon…

  • Linda Hamilton, aka Sarah Connor, has been cast as Chuck‚Äôs mother on Chuck.
  • James Marsters will return as Braniac on the 200th episode of Smallville. Also on Smallville, Clark Kent will be getting a new partner at the Daily Planet, Cat Grant.
  • Joe Manganiello, werewolf Alcide, has been promoted to be a series regular on True Blood.
  • Alfred Molina has joined the cast of Law & Order: Los Angeles as Deputy DA Morales. Skeet Ulrich is the only other major character to be cast on the show.
  • SyFy shows Eureka and Warehouse 13 to have two cross over shows later this season. Claudia, Allison Scagliotti, will appear in an episode of Eureka and Fargo, Neil Grayston, will appear in an episode of Warehouse 13.

The Sci-Fi Channel original series “Eureka” is offering viewers a free sample of Degree Absolute Protection. I guess maybe the main character on the show uses degree?

Degree, Made in Eureka

Either way, click here to get yours.

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