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Tales from Other Realms

We are super excited that MHD friend, author, and wrestling expert David Creighton has a an all-new anthology book and will be hosting a virtual book launch tomorrow on Halloween!

Here are the official details about the event:
This Halloween, Trent Radio host a virtual book launch with local author, and mental health advocate, David Creighton. Hear excerpts from his new book “Tales from Other Realms” and learn more about his struggle with Bipolar Disorder. 

I’ve known about this book being in the works for a while, and even was able to read preview/early versions of the time travel centric “The Grassy Knoll”, the space based “Logic Problems”, and the DND inspired “11”. The shorts are well written and engaging. I highly recommend the book for fans of fantasy, magic, and general wonder.

Here is a rundown of the seven stories that are part of this anthology collection:

Being an Avatar of a trickster god isn’t always easy, or even fun.

A new take on the classic legend.

A time traveler is the last hope of a dying future. Can he save the world, before it is annihilated?

A Paladin follows his sworn answer, a powerful necromancer, into a deadly swamp. But, the swamp’s residents are just as dangerous, and not very friendly.

Fanciful, modern horror starring the bad-ass messiah himself.

A man. A machine. A battle against time to solve an unsolvable problem. A lone astronaut, and a damaged AI, must fight not only to save their mission, but their lives. A tense. cerebral, space thriller for those who value the mind over the body.

A gaming session hangs on one roll of the die.

The event will begin at 3:00pm pst (6pm est and edt) on Trent Radio, which streams live online at I can’t wait to hear what David has to say about these new stories!

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According to Empire Magazine, Walt Disney Studios has announced that they will not be co-producing and co-financing the third film Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Based on the fifth book in CS Lewis’ Narnia universe, Dawn Treader follows Edmund, Lucy and Eustace as they are unexpectedly drawn into Narnia through a painting of a ship. They land in the ocean near King Caspian’s ship, the Dawn Treader and join him on a quest to find the seven lost Lords of Narnia.

Ben Barnes (Caspian), Skandar Keynes (Edmund), and Georgie Henley (Lucy) were all expected to return for the new film. Now, with the status of the film in question, it is unknown if they will be back. Empire goes on to mention that Fox might be a likely new partner for Walden Media, the company behind the series. Walden has worked with Fox on some of their other productions, including Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Nim’s Island, and City of Ember. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was expected to be released in 2010 with another sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair coming out in 2011.