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Tonight at 10pm over on Comedy Central is the season finale of Futurama‘s seventh season. I am still in disbelief that the show was not only renewed into a 7th season, but it will also be returning for an eight season! I haven’t been following ti regularly recently, but will catch up someday on DVD or reruns. I love the show, but its not one of the series that I feel the need to watch right when its on. Sorta like Scrubs, Cougar Town, or Happy endings.

Official Description, “31st Century Fox; Naturama”: Bender becomes a prey after saving a robotic fox from hunters; a nature documentary transforms the crew into their animal alter egos.


ABCFAM: Melissa & Joey/Baby Daddy (comedies)
CBS: Big Brother (reality competition)
FOX: So You Think You Can Dance (reality competition)
CW: Oh Sit! (game show)
ID: Dateline on ID (news showcase)


USA: Royal Pains (medical drama)
A&E: Storage Wars Texas (docu)
FOOD: Restaurant: Impossible (cooking)
HGTV: Buying and Selling (docu)
NGC: Abandoned (docu)
SYFY: Haunted Collector (docu)
VH1: Hollywood Exes (reality)


USA: Necessary Roughness (sports drama)
ABC/CBS/NBC: RNC Coverage (news)
A&E: American Hoggers (reality)
MTV: The Real World: St. Thomas (reality)
E: The Soup (clips comedy)
HGTV: House Hunters/House Hunters International (reality)
TVLAND: The Soul Man/The Exes (comedies)

Remember, if you miss anything live, you can watch a lot of Free TV Online. What will you be watching tonight?

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Tonight at 10pm on Comedy Central we have the 100th episode of Futurama! After being canceled years ago I never thought we’d see this day,but I’m really glad that it is here. The episode is also the season finale, check out this preview for it…

In the episode, the gang gets their 100th delivery, but Fry accidentally reveals Leela’s origins as a mutant who has illegally been living above the surface. This causes a war between the mutants and surface people for mutant rights. Fry joins Leela and the mutants, which includes the band Devo. How will it end? You have to watch and see. Futurama stars the voices of Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, and Lauren Tom. Two reruns air before the new episode starting at 9pm on Comedy Central, make it a Futurama night!

What else is on tonight? Well, we have a bunch of reality shows with CBS’ Big Brother 12 (I can’t believe this show is still on) at 8pm, and Project Runway on Lifetime at 9pm. Spike has a new TNA Wrestling Impact! at 9pm, which looks Emmy worth compared to MTV’s Jersey Shore which airs at 10pm with an Aftershow special right after it. Why do people watch that crap? In terms of new primetime dramas our only option is ABC’s police drama Rookie Blue at 9pm… or we can just find something on Hulu, yeah that sounds like a good idea.

What will you be watching tonight?

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The Pit, My Hollywood Dream Column

Welcome to another edition of My Hollywood Dream’s The Pit. There are lots of interesting things in the world of entertainment happening around the web.

  • In anticipation of the recently announced third season, you can catch up with all 13 episodes of Chuck’s first season. (TheWB)
  • Rumor has it that we’ll be getting 13 new episodes of Futurama from Comedy Central, thanks to the succees of the recent direct-to-DVD flicks. (Collider)
  • A six page preview of Amazing Spider-Man #597 has been posted. The issue is part 3 of “American Son”. (Comics Continuum)
  • The pilot episode of Nurse Jackie is online. (YouTube)
  • The official website for Tetris is awesome… and very addictive. (Tetris)