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Think back to five years ago. What do you remember? Is it possessions? Items? Or is it good times with friends and family? Is it that awesome concert? A musical show? A baseball or sporting event? The things that stick with us are the experiences of life.  So when buying gifts this Holiday season, why not take a look at one of the many live events around where you live?

There are tons of vendors that Sell Tickets Online . You can buy tickets to just about any type of event around the world without leaving your desk. The idea is to think of the person and the type of event they’d enjoy the most and go from there.  Don’t just limit yourself to movies and concerts. Have you ever gone to a demolition derby, or how about a murder mystery dinner?  Instead of taking a friend to a concert, try hitting up a music festival or even better, a music and food festival.

Other cool and different events could include variety shows, group paintball competitions, and stunt shows. Get your friends and family something that makes them get up and do something fun. Hey, you might enjoy the gift also.

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Nothing is better to get a true geek than a good old TV Box Set. Sure, you can buy them shows that are still on the air like The Office, House, or 30 Rock, but personally I prefer shows that have finished their run, including these classics…

The Twilight Zone

The Complete Definitive Collection is a 28 disc set that includes all 156 episodes of Rod Serling’s mindbending sci-fi anthology series. In addition to the episodes are a ton of extras including video interviews with Richard Matheson, George Clayton Johnson, Earl Hamner Jr, videos of Rod Serling appearances on TV shows, music scores featuring Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, and Fred Steiner, audio commentaries from stars including Martin Landau, Don Rickles, Cliff Robertson, Jonathan Winters, Shelley Berman, Bill Mumy, Leonard Nimoy, and Mickey Rooney, along with a bunch of other stuff to bring you into the world of the Twilight Zone like never before. You can buy the set new for 146 bucks.


Earlier this year one of my favorite shows on television ended. The mystery of the Lost island was party solved and while it did not satisfy everyone, I was content. And I’m ready to watch the whole series again from the beginning with Lost: The Complete Collection. It has all six seasons on 38 discs along with 3 hours of never-before-seen bonus material along with a short film set in the post-final Lost universe that acts as a coda to the series and answers some questions that they never got to in the series. Well worth of the price tag of 149 bucks.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Easily my favorite show ever on television, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is also one of the best crafted series. If you like drama, comedy, horror, romance, vampires, werewolves, and monsters, than you’ll love this series.The show lasted for seven seasons and you can get them all with the The Complete Series DVD for 181 dollars or you can get the first season on EBay for as cheap as 8 bucks. A must have box set for any real geek.


If I have Buffy on this list, than I really need to include its spinoff about the vampire with a soul also. The show lasted for 5 seasons and was heavily inspired by film noir and crime movies. It was a much more adult themed series than Buffy, which dealt with the pains of growing up and finding one’s self. And of course it has all of the monsters and action that you’d expect from a series that focuses on a vampire. You can get the complete series collectors set for as cheap as 116 dollars or over on EBay you can get season 1 for 6.25, season 2 for 6 bucks, or season 4 for 5.50.

There are a ton of other classic television shows you can pick up complete sets for including Six Feet Under, Gilmore Girls, The A-Team, and The Sopranos to name a few.

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Now that Thanksgiving is officially over and my stomach is filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pie (and will continued to be filled over the next week plus with leftovers) it is time to get back to work. In honor of Cyber Monday, we’re going to kick off our regular Geektastic Wishlist and a countdown to the Holidays.

First up today? One of the best ways to get a party started and get people off their feet, a karaoke machine.  It makes a great gift to music geeks and those friends that love throwing parties and the others that love to be the life of the party.

The thing about karaoke machines is that in addition to the machine, you should think about what your friends like in terms of music and get them the special karaoke music that matches the songs they love. For music to be perfect for karaoke, it needs to just be the background instruments along with the video with the words of the song. I recently when to a party that had a band doing live karaoke, but they didn’t have the song lyrics on a screen. Trying to read the lyrics off a sheet of paper was painful while trying to sing to the crowd.

In addition to buying music for karaoke, there are also a lot of songs online for free download. You can really beef up a library of music geared towards your friend to give them with the machine. Trust me, it makes a rockin’ gift.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly (almost… we’re getting closer, aren’t we?). Anyhow, as we get closer to the Holidays, it is time to think about what gifts you want to get friends and family. Sure you could get them the usual DVDs, giftcards, and clothing, but why not try to think outside the box and get people something unexpected. For example, do you know a geek that loves Guitar Hero and Rock Band? Why not try getting them real acoustic guitar lessons or singing lessons. Have a friend that loves the Food Network, how about signing them up for a cooking class. Know someone that loves movies and dreams of making them but doesn’t know where to start? Get them a camera.

The best holiday gifts aren’t ultra expensive and you don’t have to get dozens and dozens of “things” for the people you care about. You just have to think of the person and get or make them things that truly matter to them. Think about what they like, what they have, and what you know they want. Sometimes the simplest gift can be the best gift. Are you an artist? Drawing your friends in an original comic book could not only be fun, but can be a gift for multiple people. When you begin to think outside the box, gift ideas become endless.

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Okay, so I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to restart the Geektastic Wishlist, but than I got to thinking. To ensure enough time to get everything that you want for the Holidays shipped to you on time, it is much better to start ordering everything as early as possible.

Today’s addition to the Geektastic Wishlist are these funny t-shirts from Nerdy Shirts.  The website has a ton of awesome geekware and t-shirts inspired by cult movies, television shows, video games, Internet, and comics.  I picked out three shirts in particular that I absolutly love. The one on the left is inspired by The Princess Bride, the middle is Back to the Future, and who doesn’t love zombies?


Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of places to get really nice men’s fashion, but finding the right gift for the special geek or nerd takes a little more effort and thought. Nerdy Shirts also has a section dedicated to Star Wars.  I really dig the Stormtrooper Face T-Shirt.  The Los Angeles based website also sells hoodies, watches, belt buckles, and headbands.  Included in the section for watches are a retro calculator watch and a TV remote control watch. Both are very geeky and extremely cool.

As always, if you have suggestions for stuff that should be on the Geektastic Wishlist, we want to hear them! Feel free to post them in our comments or via our contact form.


There are only 11 days until Christmas and Chanukah has already begun. Where are you at with your Holiday shopping? We’re gong to have a look at a few more possible gifts for your favorite geek, and a great place to shop for them.

Today we’re going to spotlight ShopWiki UK for our friends that live in the UK (there is also a ShopWiki for the US). ShopWiki UK is an online shopping directory that lets you search for products and shows you prices from more than 30,000 different stores. This lets you compare and find a price that might work best for you. What did we do before we had Internet searching?

All geeks, whether they love movies, television, comics, or technology, have one thing in common. They all need a good digital camera. One good option is the Canon PowerShot series. Canon has put together a good camera with a wild variety of models. They range from 5 to 14.7 megapixels, and there is an affordable model for pretty much anyone. The cameras are built for pointing anf shooting, so they are good even if who you are buying it for isn’t a tech geek. Another option is the Nikon Coolpix. I recently used one of these on a vacation and I loved it. It is small and very light weight. I could fit it into my khakis pockets and always have it when we were on the move.  Both the Canon and the Nikon are affordable, but worth your dollar.

If neither of these cameras work for you, ShopWiki UK has a guide to Digital Cameras that might be useful to helping you find the right camera at a good price. They go in depth about pixels, compression, memory, and break different cameras into different categories to make it easier to find what you want.

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