Fox is giving us another two hours of MasterChef, with a repeat on at 8pm and a new episode at 9pm tonight. This competition series keeps getting more intense with each episode as the top 5 compete for four spots. Who would have thought that a blind woman would get so far in a cooking show? Let alone be one of the contenders to win it. Though, from the previews, it seems that Christine, said blind girl, could very well be in the hot seat.

I’ll be honest, MasterChef proves why cooking shows are at the top of the reality food chain. Nothing brings out jealousy more then knowing that there’s a ton of a amateur cooks out who are cooking better then me. If only I could make things this way, I wouldn’t have to rely on K-D and prepackaged salads as my main source of cooking prowess. I just hope the surprise that has been teased in this forthcoming episode is not as permanent as some of the past twists on this show.

Official Description, “Top 5 Compete”: A game-changing twist surprises the five remaining hopefuls during a mystery-box challenge. Later, the wannabe chefs are tasked with re-creating one of Graham Elliot’s signature dishes that he served to President Obama at his flagship restaurant.


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