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I’ll be honest, I saw the first film in segments and thus it hindered my viewing experience, but, this sequel really does up the game. The action scenes are spectacular, the comedy and the mystery are great, and overall the movie is just a ton of fun. Sure, this is not the most intellectual of fare, but for a stylized action flick it still is smart and action packed. Every action set piece was great and I was glued to my seat. I definitely recommend this sequel.

[rate 4]

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Two new character teasers for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes adaptation have been released. The images feature Robert Downey Jr. as the title character and Jude Law as Doctor John Watson. Click this image to enlarge:

Sherlock Holmes Posters

I’ve bee a fan of Sherlock Holmes for a long time. I love detective stories and mysteries. His early adventures are fun and I highly recommend them if you haven’t read any. The action crime flick’s trailer was entertaining and I can’t wait to see what Guy Ritchie does with the material. The film hits theaters on Chirstmas Day.

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Last week it was announced that Rachel McAdams had joined Guy Ritchie’s upcoming “Sherlock Holmes” adaptation as Irene Adler, a possible love interest for Sherlock Holmes, who is being portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.  Other cast members include Jude Law as Dr. Watson, and Mark Strong as Blackwood. With such a strong cast and plenty of excellent source material, I think this is a perfect follow up to Ritchie’s new crime film, “RockNRolla“, which has been getting a lot of positive buzz and early word of mouth is saying that it is a return to form for the director.

And thanks to google, you can read some of Sherlock Holmes’ earliest short stories online from their original texts. Continue reading to investigate Holmes’ roots.

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It might be a bit premature to say this, but could Guy Ritchie be back? The trailer for his new film, “RockNRolla”, has a vibe and style that reminds me of “Snatch”, and an excellent cast (featuring Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, and Jeremy Piven). I hope the film is as good as the trailer (you can watch it below) and that we are not left with another “Swept Away” or “Revolver”.  You can also check out the film’s awesome poster here.