One of the hardest parts of working in a highly creative industry is keeping the creative juices flowing.  Even if you are doing something that you truly love doing, after working seven day weeks and eighteen hours a day, it feels like work. Exhausting… tiring… never ending… work.  So, how do you keep going when your butt is being kicked? You have to remember why you are there and even more importantly, you have to stay inspired. This goes for working on set, writing, editing, fundraising, and every other part of the “business”. If you don’t find your inspiration and love what you are doing regardless of how much work is involved, than you will likely not “survive” working in the industry. You can make more money in less hours elsewhere (and have an actual life).

But you know what is funny? Inspiration can truly come from anywhere. In your office you might have a special coffee mug, or a cool wall clock or poster. It can be as easy as popping a favorite movie into your DVD player while you are writing or listening to music as you edit video. For me personally, in my office is a framed Superman poster that I have had since I was little.  It isn’t a really special poster, just a painting of Superman in the middle of a volcano trying to hold back the lava flow. Just seeing it puts a smile on my face and takes me back. It inspires me to keep writing, even when I have no idea where I am going with a story.

Find what keeps you going, because when your career is making films, you’ll need it.