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If there was any doubt at all, this confirms it; television is completely out of ideas. Tonight, The CW brings us the series premiere of Oh Sit!, a reality competition/gameshow based on the children’s game musical chairs. Yes. Extreme musical chairs the gameshow. The series is hosted by Jamie Kennedy, Jessi Cruikshank, and Tanika Ray… Jamie Kennedy, are times really this hard? You showed so much promise in the Scream series and now you are hosting musical chairs? Come on dude. *shakes head*

Oh Sit! season 1, episode 1
Official Description: The series premiere of a competition based on musical chairs in which contestants race through obstacle courses to avoid being eliminated. The goal: to claim a chair that allows them to continue playing and possibly win a cash prize.

The show premieres on The CW at 8PM against the likes of other reality competitions Big Brother and So You Think you Can Dance? Lets take a look at a few other shows on tonight:


CBS: Big Brother (reality competition)
FOX: So You Think You Can Dance (reality competition)
ABCFAM: Melissa & Joey/Baby Daddy (comedies)
CARTOON: Lego Ninjago: The Series (animation)
HGTV: (8:30PM) Kitchen Cousins (docu)
STARZ: Boss (drama)


A&E: Storage Wars Texas (reality)
BRAVO: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (reality)
DSC: Shark Fight (docu)
HGTV: Property Brothers (docu)
SYFY: Haunted Collector (docu)
TLC: Toddlers & Tiaras (disgusting reality)
USA: Royal Pains (medical drama)


ABC: 20/20 (news showcase)
A&E: American Hoggers (reality)
BRAVO: Top Chef Masters (reality competition)
COMEDY: Futurama (animation)
E: The Soup (news comedy)
FOOD: Restaurant: Impossible (docu)
USA: Necessary Roughness (drama)

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Tonight @ 8pm on CBS is the season (and possibly series) finale of Ghost Whisperer. In the episode, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Melinda has to confront a poltergeist that is threatening her son. How will the series wrap up? While CBS has canceled the supernatural drama, there are talks that ABC might pick it up for midseason. While I’m not a regular viewer, I hope the series gets another season (or two). The show deserves a proper send off after being on the air for so long.

Also on tonight…


  • ABC: Wife Swap (Reality)
  • NBC: Friday Night Lights (Sports Drama)
  • MNT: Friday Night SmackDown! (Wrestling)


  • ABC: Primetime: What Would You Do? (News)
  • CBS: Medium (Sci-Fi Drama)
  • FOX: Kitchen Nightmares (Reality)
  • NBC: Dateline NBC (News)
  • SYFY: Stargate Universe (Sci-Fi Drama)


  • ABC: 20/20 (News)
  • CBS: Miami Medical (Medical Drama)
  • E!: The Soup (Comedy Clipshow)
  • SYFY: Merlin (Fantasy)

Scream 4, David Arquette and Courtney Cox Return

It is official, David Arquette and Courtney Cox-Arquette will be reprising their roles of Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers in Scream 4. Kevin Williamson is currently penning the script, while Wes Craven has kept the door open for a possible return to the director’s chair.

Not much is known about Scream 4‘s plot, but Kevin Williamson has said that it would be the start to a new trilogy of films, and that he originally intended to bring back Dewey, Gale, and Sidney. Sadly, Neve Campbell has said no to returning as Sidney Prescott. Maybe she’ll have a change of heart before they start shooting, or at least could still return for Scream 5 or 6 if they actually get made.

Now for some speculation.  Williamson was originally planning to bring Scream full circle and return to Woodsboro in Scream 3, before he dropped out of the project and new writer Ehren Kruger moved the setting to Hollywood. Could he use the idea in the new film? Focus on a new class at Woodsboro High School with Dewey as a consultant to the Sheriff’s office. This could allow for the return of some familiar faces, like Joseph Whipp’s Sheriff Burke, Wes Craven’s Fred the janitor, or Randy’s lovable but goofy sister Martha portrayed by Heather Matarazzo.  How awesome would it be to see her have a flashback to when she was younger and Randy used to talk about horror sequels with his pal Stuart Macher? That scene alone would make a new Scream trilogy worth it.

Sound off, what direction do you want to see a new Scream take? Should they even make one?

Ghost Whisperer has an all new episode tonight at 8pm on CBS. The series stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, a young woman who can see ghosts. Jamie Kennedy (Scream) and David Conrad co-star in the series.

“Life on the Line” Official Description: “Melinda tries to bring healing to a family suffering in the aftermath of a freak accident. Elsewhere, Delia endures her first haunting.

Also on tonight:


  • ABC: Wife Swap (Reality)
  • CW: Everybody Hates Chris/The Game (Comedies)
  • MNT: Friday Night SmackDown! (Wrestling)
  • NBC: Howie Do It (Reality/Pranks)


  • ABC: Supernanny (Reality)
  • CBS: Flashpoint (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Lipstick Jungle (Drama)


  • ABC: 20/20 (News)
  • CBS: Numb3rs (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Dateline NBC (News)