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Welcome to a new edition of The Pit.

  • This past week, George Clooney returned to ER. Did ya miss it? Well, you have one more day to check it out for free online. (NBC)
  • Looking for a community of writers/filmmakers? Or how about a Hollywood simulation? (Hollywood the Game)
  • Wow, The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon did good [really good] in its first week. Will he be able to keep up the momentum? (Variety)
  • Did you see Jon Stewart lay the smack down on Jim Cramer?  The little bald man didn’t see it coming… (CNN)
  • Check out the full first issue of Image Comics’ Proof, from Alexander Grecian, Riley Rossmo, and Tyler Jenkins. (Image Comics)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

It is Saturday morning, and that means that it is time for our Weekly Pit column. What’s happening in the world of entertainment?

  • Will Desmond be in next season of lost? His story wrapped, but a lot of signs point to yes. (BuddyTV)
  • Roger Ebert shows us how to read a movie. (Sun Times)
  • The NY Post takes a look at how the west was “fixed”. Interesting stuff. (NY Post)
  • Oh Jon Stewart, I thank you for putting everything into perspective. (Huffington Post)
  • Remember that film break in “Gremlins 2”? Well, someone with way too much time on their hands, made a “DVD break”. See the Gremlins invade a couple classic films. (YouTube)

Stay tuned for more weekend posts and our weekly recap! 🙂

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