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It is almost time for new episodes of NBC’s Chuck. In the march towards new episodes, the makers of Chuck are holding a contest that could get you featured in a Chuck ad during the season premiere. Check out the video below, then head over here for the full details.

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NBC Chuck Comic Book

Are you as impatient as I am waiting for the new season of Chuck to begin? Thankfully we don’t have to wait until March for new episodes, but January still feels like it is really far away. Thankfully there is a ton of Chuck content online for die-hard fans like myself. has released excerpts from the sixth issue of the Chuck online in both animated and interactive formats. In the new issue, Chuck’s life is in a literal free-fall after he is thrown out of a plane without a chute. How will everyone’s face geek turned super spy survive? Well, read to see. In addition, the issue features a back up story that shows how a ten year old Devon become Captain Awesome. An awesome prequel? You bet. The comic is published by Wildstorm.

Also online are a ton of goodies, including Morganuptials, a funny look at Morgan and Anna’s living agreement, Chuck’s Brain, puzzles and games, and we can’t forget the official site for Jeffster (which needs no description)! You can check out all of NBC’s Chuck exclusives here.

Chuck on NBC

The Ausiello Files over on EW’s site is reporting that Chuck, the best damn spy/action/comedy/romance on television, might be airing more than 5 months in advance of its scheduled season 3 premiere date! And that if the show does well, we could get a full season order instead of the 13 episodes we are getting now.

Chuck was renewed after a lengthy Save Chuck campaign that involved a lot of Subway sandwiches, tweeting, online viewings, and non-stop emailing. Chuck Me Mondays have still been going strong to keep people interested in the show in the downtime.  Are you excited about the possible early airing? Would you rather it air in October or wait for it in March?

chuck me mondays

Tomorrow 09/07/09, Chuck Me Mondays will be a sorta Online Marathon with a selection of fan favorite episodes.  They are…

If you can’t watch the episodes at the designated time, don’t worry, every view counts so give them a look when ever you can.  If you are able to give them a look at the times listed above, don’t forget to get on twitter and make a post with #chuck and #freechuck to help support the show! For more information on Chuck Me Mondays, click here.

Chuck Me Out Logo

One of the many San Diego Comic-Con annoucements this past weekend including the all new Chuck community hub, Chuck Me Out! (incase you missed Comic-Con, you can watch the Chuck panel here)  Chuck Me Out! is a new site from NBC and the creators of Chuck that features all new videos, news, photos, and posters about the series along with message boards, videos, and exclusives for fans.

Included in the mix is a thermometer that is tracking views of Chuck episodes on with a goal of 1 million streams.  Check out the link above and catch up on episodes of Chuck and lets help reach that goal in a record time!  I’m not sure why this isn’t up with the Hulu video of the Chuck Comic-Con panel, but Jeffster opened the panel! Click here to rock along with them!

Chuck on NBC

The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con is going to have a lot of panels, showcases, signings and events, but I wanted to take a moment to look at what is ahead at the con for one of My Hollywood Dream’s favorite shows, Chuck!

On Friday, July 24th, Zachary Levi will be apart of the TV Guide Sci-Fi Hot List and will be part of a Q&A with Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory, Scott Peters and Scott Wolf from the new reboot of V, Rebecca Romijn of fall’s Eastwick, and Kevin Williamson the writer of Scream who is behind the new vampire series based on the book series with the same name, The Vampire Diaries.  This panel begins at 6:15pm in Ballroom 20.

Saturday the real fun begins! At 10am in Ballroom 20 (why so early?) is the Chuck panel.  It will begin with a five-minute retrospective highlight reel, then moderator Alan Sepinwall will present Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence,Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, Sarah Lancaster and Adam Baldwin. They’ll hold a Q&A and preview the new season.  While they will not have footage to show from the new season, they will definitly be giving away some much desired info on the direction of the new season (Super-Chuck?) and you never know when they might give away prizes like t-shirts or DVDs.

Following the panel, all of the cast members from the panel will be heading to the WB booth to sign autographs and chat with fans.  Don’t forget your camera, because this is your chance to snap a pic with your favorite cast member.

Also, keep an eve on the WB’s booth over the course of the whole convention, because you never known when they might be giving away Chuck related goodies. In the past I’ve taken home free Chuck comics and a really cool bag. If you are heading to San Diego, have fun at the con!


Every week since we all helped Save Chuck, fansites @SaveChuck and Chuck TV have organized ChuckMeMondays, where fans around the world watch Chuck in the correct ordering of episodes at the same time while Twittering/bloging about it.

Currently, CMMs is up to episode 6, “Chuck Versus the Sandworm”, which will be watched tonight at 9pm et (8pm ct, 7pm mt, and 6pm pt) over at TheWB. I’ve been watching weekly, and it is only getting me more pumped for the new season.  TheWB has posted that CMMs have increased online viewership and over in Twitter, they’ve gotten #ChuckMeMondays and #Chuck into the ever important trending topics weekly during airings.

If you can’t watch the episode at the exact time, no worries, just give it a look whenever you can, every viewing helps.  For more information about ChuckMeMondays, click here.

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