Monk and Scrubs

I have really been off my game lately. Not only did I miss the first two episodes of the revamped Scrubs, but I also forgot to watch/Tivo the final episode ever of Monk. Thankfully, most of the networks put their shows online, so if you miss something, you just have to wait a week or two and you can see it.

The new episode of Scrubs, introduced us to a few new faces; med students Lucy (Kerry Bishe), Drew (Michael Mosley), and Cole (Dave Franco). Lucy is taking over the narrator duties and crazy fantasies that we grew to love Zack Braff’s JD for. Denise Mahoney (Eliza Coupe), the ice cold intern from last season returns in a larger role, advising the new med students.  Donald Faison and John C. McGinley have returned full time, with Ken Jenkins and Sarah Chalke returning from time to time, and Zack Braff appearing whenever he feels like it (labeled as a regular, but only slated for around 6 episodes for the season so far… but that will likely increase). You can watch the two new episodes of Scrubs here, the series airs every Tuesday at 9pm.

Even though I haven’t watched Monk regularly in a while, I was interested in the final episodes and finding out the mystery of who killed his wife. You can watch the first part of the final Monk by clicking here, part two will be up later in the week.

I don’t know what I’d do without full episodes being online.