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So much going on in the world of TV, lets focus on some of that today!

  • Steven Spielberg’s upcoming TNT sci-fi series Falling Skies finally has a release date! It will launch with a 2 hour premiere on June 19 at 9pm, than ove into a regular Sunday 10pm timeslot. The new alien centered series stars TV vet Noah Wyle (ER). If it is half as good as Spielberg’s past sci-fi TV effort Taken, I’ll be tuning in.
  • TNT has also announced dates for the new seasons of its original programming. Men of a Certain Age with Ray Romano and the great Scott Bakula returns on June 1st at 10pm for the last 6 episodes of its second season. June 1st will also see the premiere of Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell) legal series Franklin Bash. It will have a 10 episode first season. June 14th will see the launch of new seasons of both the Jason Lee starer Memphis Beat and the Jada Pinkett Smith hospital drama Hawthorne, where she is joined this season by singer/actor Marc Anthony. June 26th sees the return of crime series Leverage and July 11th is the start of new seasons of veteran shows The Closer and Rizoli & Isles.
  • I wonder who would play Charlie Sheen in a TV Movie about this rise/fall and “winning”? Sheen has endorsed Rob Lowe to take over for him on Two and a Half Men… he might make a good Charlie Sheen though. Hmmmm. Maybe Sheen could even finance the movie, he just filed a law suit against Warner Brothers for 100 million dollars. Dr. Evil style yo.
  • My Future Girlfriend, the new webseries from the creators of We Need Girlfriends finally has a release date! Ragtag Productions will release the first episode of the five episode sci-fi influenced series on April 1st! Hopefully we’ll get a teaser to post soon!
  • This past Monday House took on zombies in a dream sequence and back at Halloween we saw Community faced with a zombie like invasion, what other shows would you like to see the characters take on zombies in? How would members of The Office fare? I think the doctors at Grey’s would get eaten pretty quickly. Chuck and company would easily defend the Buy More from the undead. Sound off in the comments with what shows and characters you’d like to see face a zombie invasion!
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tv raising the bar tnt

Okay, I’ll admit it, I have not seen a single episode of TNT’s legal drama Raising the Bar. But after Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Late Night apparence as Zack Morris, I’d like to thank him by giving his show a chance.  It also helps that the show co-stars J. August Richards, aka Gunn from Joss Whedon’s Angel.  The series was created by David Feige and Steven Bochco. Bochco created such classics as Doogie Howser, M.D. and NYPD Blue.

In the new episode, Jerry (Gosselaar) and Michelle (Melissa Sagemiller) go before an overly strict new judge (John Michael Higgins) as Michelle falls for a cop that might be committing perjury. In addition to John Michael Higgins, the episode guest stars Jack Carter and Shelley Berman. The episode airs on TNT at 10PM.

Also on tonight?


  • ABC: The Bachelorette (Reality)
  • ABCFAM: Greek (Comedy)
  • USA: WWE Monday Night Raw (Wrestling)


  • TNT: The Closer (Drama)
  • TLC: Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Children Exploitation)


  • ABC: Here Come the Newlyweds (Reality)
  • NBC: Dateline NBC (News Showcase)
  • TLC: Cake Boss (Reality)

Saved by the Bell Reunion

Here is something I never thought that I would ever say… Jimmy Fallon is f@&$ing awesome! Okay, let me explain myself before you click off the page. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the ex-SNLer has been working towards putting together a Saved by the Bell 20th anniversary reunion. On earlier broadcasts he has had both Dennis Haskins and Mario Lopez agree to do a reunions (check out Mario’s hysterical reenactment of the “Save Max Telethon” episode here). But now, Jimmy has out done himself by having Zack Morris as a guest…

Best Late Night guest ever. Thank you Jimmy Fallon, you have just gained a viewer. I hope the Saved by the Bell reunion fully comes together!