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spiderman the clone saga

If there was ever a story that Marvel and fans alike wish could be redone, it was be the disaster that was Spider-Man’s Clone Saga. The whole storyline was a mess from start to finish with very little good coming out from it.  Well, rumor has it that Marvel will be retelling the story starting in September with a 6 issue limited series, Spider-Man: The Clone Saga. Not much is known about the book or even fully if it is real or not.  With the reboot of Spidy history that came from Brand New Day (including Harry Osbourn’s return from the grave and the undoing of Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s marriage), their is a lot of room to retell the Clone Saga in the new universe. How exactly would it be different if MJ wasn’t around? If she never got pregnant? Could Ben Reilly still be alive?  I’m intrigued but slightly worried about this possible series.  Are you willing to give the Clone Saga another go around?

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Uncanny X-Men 511, Preview

Will Jean Grey finally be resurrected in the pages of Uncanny X-Men? That is the question we were left with at the end of issue #510, when Cyclops’ other returned from the grave ex-wife Madelyne Pryor stole a lock of Jean’s hair. You see, the now ultra powerful Pryor has the ability to bring people back to the land of the living (as shown when she brought Psylocke back to life, who I for one would have preferred to see stay dead). So, will Jean be back? We’ll find out on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009.

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Spierman 4 Mary Jane Will Be Back

It is official, Sony executive Todd Black spoke to the New York Post and confirmed that Kristen Dunst is signed on to return as Mary Jane in Spiderman 4.  For better or worse, Dunst will be returning. While I don’t think that she was the best original choice for the role, I am happy to see that the cast is staying constant in Raimi’s Spiderman universe. Nothing is more distracting for me as a viewer than having roles recast in film sequels. By the time I accept them in the role, the film is over and they have already been recast in the next one.

We’ve speculated about possible Spiderman 4 villains in the past, but now we have something to work with (well, not much actually).  Black told the Post, “We’re just coming up with who the villain’s going to be now. We’ll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it’ll be a big part of New York.” What would be cooler than seeing the Vulture flying around and terrorizing New York City? Sure, that quote can apply to ANY Spiderman villain (Black knows that Spidy has been located in NY for his entire history, right?), but no one else would give the filmmakers a chance to show it in such a beautiful/soring way. I get chills just thinking about it.

What about you, who do you think Spiderman will be facing off against?

Marvel Superhero Creator, Avatar Creator

Wow, I’m not sure what it is, but I seem to be in a Marvel Comics mood this weekend with articles. All morning, I’ve been obsessed with both the Marvel Superhero Squad and making heroes with their Superhero Creator. Sure, the creator is very limited in its options, but it is still fun to mix and match and make your own variations on existing Marvel characters. MHD-Man above was made with the creator (added the logo in photoshop). Click out the link above to make your own Marvel style superhero.

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Uncanny X-Men 510 Preview

To be honest, I gave up the X-Men comics for a while.  Don’t get me wrong, the 12 issue “Messiah Complex” crossover was awesome, but I felt like the line of X-Books couldn’t keep of the quality afterwards. I dropped the three core titles (has Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men had more than two issues?), Young X-Men, and X-Force, but keep following X-Factor (one of the best ongoings on the market) and Cable.

Recently, the X-Men ditched the mansion in Westchester (they could only keep rebuilding it so many times), and now moved to the Graymalkin Facility, a fortress like complex, in San Fransisco, where they were welcomed with open arms. They are working on their PR and trying to be proactive, instead of just defensive, for a change. Along with the move came new enemies, including the Hellfire Cult, and some familiar ones, including the Sisterhood run by an ultra powerful reincarnated Madelyn Pryor.

In the new issue, #510, the Sisterhood makes their move and attacks Graymalkin. What do they want? Will everyone survive? I’m not sure, but for the first time in a while, I’m interested to see what will happen to my favorite mutants. The issue came out last week and can currently be bought in stores and on news stands.

Check out these X-Men related products…

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Chris Hemsworth is Thor

Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Chris Hemsworth has been cast in Marvel Studios’ upcoming big screen Thor movie.  The 25 year old Australian actor can currently be seen in the Star Trek reboot as the heroic Captain George Kirk. While he doesn’t have much screen time in Trek, he makes the best of what he was given with a powerful presence and a very memorable sequence.

Will he make a good Thor? I honestly have no idea. I’ve never seen his Australian TV series Home and Away, and Trek was his first big feature. Thor is a larger than life superhero (who also happens to be a God). Kenneth Branagh is directing the film for Marvel with an expected release date of May 20th, 2011.

ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’s latest “Hi, I’m a Marvel… and I’m a DC” spoof features Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine chatting it up with the Watchmen. I LOVE this series and this one hits the nail on the head. This is Deadpool!

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