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Marvel Comics ThorSadly, Matthew Vaughn is off another Marvel comics film adaptation (the first of which was “X3”). Variety broke the news last night that Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) is close to a deal with Marvel to direct the comic book Norse God’s first feature film.

Branagh, a director and actor, would be directing from a script by Mark Protosevich, which early reviews have praised as being the best comic book turned film script ever written. In Protosevich’s “Thor”, we follow a “disabled medical student Donald Blake, who has an alter ego as the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor.” Rumor has it that the film would be a fantasy epic, rather than a stright superhero film (like Marvel’s “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” films this past summer).

While no actor has been attached to portray Thor, there have been rumors for months that Kevin McKidd (Journeyman, Rome) would be picking up the hammer. The film is expected to be released on June 4, 2010, which is a little over a month after “Iron Man 2” is supposed to hit theaters.

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Ed Brubaker’s epic “Death of Captain America” storyline, which began with the assassination of Steve Rogers (the classic Captain America), reaches its conclusion this Wednesday. “The New Captain America, the Falcon, the Black Widow, Sharon Carter – all in a final showdown with the Red Skull and his minions for the future of America!”

Marvel has released a couple of pages for the new issue.  Click the images below to enlarge:

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The Amazing Spider-Man is in some trouble...

Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #570

While we have no idea who Spider-Man will face in his 4th and 5th films, he is up against some major trouble in the comics!

After recent bouts with new villains such as Menace, Screwball, and Freak, Spider-Man will now have his hands full with his old school gallery when he faces the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Venom (now Mac Gargan, the former Scorpion), Bullseye, and Eddie Brock, who is now the Anti-Venom.

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The Lizard vs Spiderman

We can all have a collective sigh of relief, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire have signed on to Spider-Man 4 and 5! With them on board, it’ll only be a matter of time before Kristen Dunst signs on the dotted line.  Bryce Dallas Howard is ready to go back to work as Gwen Stacey, and I think we can assume J.K. Simmons, Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi will be back to steal scenes. The only big question mark is who will Spider-man face in the film? Villains like Man-Wolf and Carnage have been set up in earlier films, but I doubt we’ll see either of them. Who would I like to see Spider-Man take on? Read on for my thoughts.

Asides from Man-Wolf and Carnage, one of Spider-Man’s most beloved villains has been set up to take center stage. That would be…

Could the Lizard be in Spiderman 4?The Lizard!

Dylan Baker brought Dr. Curt Connors to life in both Spider-Man 2 and 3, and no other villain would be as organic to the series. Plus, Sam Raimi has mentioned in the past his love for the character, who also happens to be a fan favorite. As we learned with Raimi’s take on Venom in Spider-Man 3, it is always better to have a director that really cares about a character, and isn’t forcing them into the film due to an egar studio.

If the Lizard is apart of Spider-Man 4, I think they would have to bring in a more sinister character to add a real dynamic to the film and keep things fresh. The Lizard’s story in the comics is very similar to how they presented Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2. So, who would be better to hunt down both the Lizard and Spider-Man, but…

Kraven the Hunter is one of spiderman\'s most deadly villainsKraven the Hunter!

He is just as quick and strong as Spider-Man, which would make their fight across Manhattan memorable. Not to mention that Spider-Man would have to deal with both Kraven and the Lizard, who he’d have to protect from Kraven, while trying to stop him from hurting innocents or himself.

Kraven is also an interesting villain because hes far from evil. He has an animal urge and a desire for the hunt, but he only goes after his prey.

Of course, I could be way off base assuming that the Lizard would be one of the key villains.  If the Lizard isn’t in the film, than I couldn’t imagine that Kraven would be used. Which leads me to…

The Vulture is a Spiderman VillainThe Vulture!

Also one of Raimi’s favorites, the Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s original rogues, and there were a lot of rumors that he was the preferred villain by Raimi for Spider-Man 3. That was before the studio made him replace Vulture with Venom. Visually, the Vulture would be better than both Kraven and the Lizard, as he flies through the air trading blows with Spidy.  Also, a villain that is able to steal youth could be a great way to show Peter Parker growing up and moving forward in life.

Now, who says that every villain needs to be the big bad? For once, I’d finally like to see Spider-Man face someone stronger than a mugger in one of the film’s fighting montages or the opening of the film. That’s why I’d propose them throwing this guy into the mix…

Spiderman 4 VillainsThe Rhino!

While I wouldn’t want to see this guy anchor the film, I think he could be used for a really cool fight sequence. We don’t need to know his origin, or motives, I just want to see a straight up fight between him and the webslinger showing that the Spider-Man universe is made up of a lot of extra ordinary characters.

There are of course a lot of other interesting villains in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery; Shocker, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Tombstone, Chameleon, Morbius… the list could go on for hours. Who would you like to see Spider-Man fight in the next movie?

Access Hollywood has posted a deleted scene from Marvel Studios’ Iron Man. The scene takes place just before Iron Man leaves to fight terrorists in the Middle East. He sets up a party, makes sure to be seen and uses three beautiful women as his alibi as he goes to fight crime. While it is a cool scene, I’m really glad it was deleted. I understand the need for the secret identity, but this just seems like a long drawn out thing for a “hero” to do while people are dying and need his help.

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