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Reaper comings to a close tonight

Tonight at 8pm on the CW is the series finale of Reaper. The supernatural drama reaches its end prematurely at the close of its second season. Titled “The Devil & Sam Oliver”, the episode sees Sam (Bret Harrison) challenging the devil in a game to win back his soul.  Did the producers foresee cancellation and prepare a satisfying finale for the fans, or will another series just end abruptly? We’ll have to tune in tonight to find out.

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Reaper 203

Reaper was one of my favorite new shows of last season. As opposed to all of the dark stuff on TV, it is light hearted and fun. The supernatural twist and perfect relationships (of course I’m talking about Sam, Sock and Ben here) make for a very entertaining series. This is the third episode of the new season, and it really needs a bit more support and viewers. The CW put the show in a tough timelot with no lead in and it faces off with American Idol. Lets hope for the best.

In the new episode Sam and the gang face off with a 1950s boxer who escaped from hell. Will Sam be able to knock him out in the ring? I doubt it, but he’ll try.  The new episode airs tonight at 8pm on the CW.

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Reaper might not be back on the air until March 17, but we finally have something to hold us over. A teaser for the new season.

For those who missed its first season, Reaper follows a young man whose parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. In return, he must act as the devil’s bounty hunter and return escaped souls to hades. The series stars Bret Harrison, Tyler Labine, Rick Gonzalez, Missy Peregrym, and the great Ray Wise as The Devil. It airs on The CW network.