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Wow, this weekend went by fast! Lots of news to enjoy with your morning coffee.

  • Natasha Henstridge will voice the villainous Charity Vile in Stan Lee’s new animated webseries Time Jumper. The comic book styled thriller follows a college student who finds his late father’s time-travel device and is recruited by a secret crime fighting unit to help take down a criminal cartel led by Vile. The series will have ten episodes ranging in length from five to eight minutes.
  • Warner Brothers and Leonardo DiCaprio have hired Rand Ravich to write a new Twilight Zone flick.  The film will be based on classic episodes of the series but is rumored to be one story and not presented in anthology format like Twilight Zone: The Movie.  I never watched Ravich’s NBC series Life, nor his film The Astronaut’s Wife, so I just sorta shrug at his name. Although I’m glad to see a new Twilight Zone film moving forward. I wonder which stories they might adapt for this.
  • There aren’t nearly enough movies about woman’s roller derby (or roller derby in general). Check out this trailer for Whip It, starring Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, and Drew Barrymore (who also directed the movie).
  • Dark Horse comics has a free eComic version of H.G.Wells’ War of the Worlds. The comic is a straight adaptation of the classic novel.  64 pages for free? How can you say no?  Click here to give it a read.
  • Jorja Fox (sans William Petersen) will make a multiple episode return to CSI‘s next season. What brings her character back to Las Vegas? Where is Grissom? According to Entertainment Weekly, we’ll find out on September 24th.
  • While on the subject of EW, they put together a pretty cool gallery of preview images for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Sadly, this will be the first one I will not be able to attend in the past 4 years. Preview night is Wednesday, and panels are Thursday through Sunday. Expect a ton of movie and TV news this week!


Now that ABC has burned off the last of their Pushing Daisies episodes, I guess it it time for them to finally air the remaining new Eli Stone episodes.  If you missed it, Stone is a show about a lawyer who has wild hallucinations (which often lead to a lot of singing and George Michael) that point him the the direction of cases of people that need him.  Are the hallucinations due to a medical condition or is he a new age prophet? We’ll never know since the series was canceled, but at least we can enjoy a few new episodes before it is gone for good.

Eli Stone airs tonight on ABC at 10pm.  As you can see below, there isn’t much else on…


  • NBC: Kings (Drama)


  • CBS: Harper’s Island (Mystery Drama)
  • FOX: America’s Most Wanted (News)
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