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Tonight at 8pm on NBC is an all new episode of Chuck. Last week, Chuck’s father (Scott Bakula) was captured by the evil spy agency Fulcrum. Now, his last hope might lie in the hands of Chuck’s double-crossing ex, Jill (Jordana Brewster).

Week in and week out, Chuck is one of the most consistant and enjoyable shows. The series is in just its second season and has a lot more stories to tell. Right now Chuck is on the bubble for renewal. Click here to find out what you can do to help save Chuck.

Also on tonight…


  • ABC: Dancing With the Stars (Reality)
  • ABCFAM: Greek (Drama)
  • CBS: The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother (Comedies)
  • FOX: House (Medical Drama)
  • USA: WWE Monday Night Raw (Wrestling)


  • ABC: Surviving Suburbia (Comedy) @ 9:30pm
  • ABCFAM: Roommates (Comedy)
  • CBS: Two and a Half Men/Rules of Engagment (Comedies)
  • FOX: 24 (Action Drama)
  • NBC: Heroes (Sci Fi Drama)


  • ABC: Castle (Crime Drama)
  • CBS: CSI: Miami (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Medium (Sci Fi Crime Drama)
  • TNT: Saving Grace (Drama)

While I already watched the season premiere this past weekend, my recommendation for tonight is NBC’s “Chuck”. The show is a fun ride and has one of the best ensemble casts on television (it is also the only cast with Adam Baldwin, just saying). Sadly, I’m afraid that the show is going to get lost in its crowded time slot, facing off against “Monday Night Football”, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, “Gossip Girl” and CBS’ comedy block of “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met your Mother”.  “Monday Night Football” has already put the pressure on “Terminator”, and I’d hate to see the same thing happen to “Chuck”. 

Tonight’s episode of “Chuck” picks up from the end of last season, and answers the question of what will happen to Chuck when the government rebuilds the Intersect and has no more use for him. Will John Casey (Baldwin) be able pull the trigger and kill Chuck? If he does, they will have to change the name of the show… which airs at 8pm on NBC. Check out these promotional cast stills released by NBC: