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Nine, the new musical from Rob Marshall is just three weeks away. Earlier today, three new posters for the flick showed up online. This one is easily my favorite.

Nine Poster

The musical stars Daniel Day-Lewis as a middle aged film director who is struggling to complete his next film due to having too many women in his life (what a problem to have).  These women include Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Fergie. The movie looks very much in the vein of Chicago, and is also based on a Tony Award winning musical. It looks vibrant and energetic.  You can check out the film’s trailer here.

I saw this film over Thanksgiving weekend with my movie-loving aunt and uncle and I’m so glad I did as it seemed to get lost in the holiday shuffle this year.

Australia starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman

Just before WWII, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), an English aristocrat, inherits a ranch in Australia and flies there to prep the land for sale. Once there she becomes close with the hands on the ranch and discovers that the local businessman who wants to buy the ranch, Neil Fletcher (David Wenham), has been monopolizing the cattle industry and stealing cattle from her herd. She decides to keep the ranch open and stop Fletcher with the help of Drover (Hugh Jackman) who, naturally, droves cattle for a living. There’s really so much more to this film, which is so epic that it feels as though it should have been two shorter films. There are two distinct beginnings, middles, and ends, and the story lines include everything from droving cattle, to the bombing of Darwin, and even the “Stolen Generations” of half Aboriginal children. Even still, Hugh Jackman is always enjoyable and the child actor Brandon Wallace is captivating as the young boy Nullah that brings Lady Sarah and Drover together. However, instead of just paying homage to classic romance films such as Gone With the Wind, it all just feels a tad old fashioned.


Best Costume Design
The costumes in this film are quite stunning- in one pivotal scene Kidman wears a red kimono that pops against Jackman’s white suit as they share their first kiss in the pouring rain. However, I tend to think a film such as The Duchess could have this beat, as the Academy tends to favor the royal costumes of that particular time period.


While I haven’t had an interest in seeing Baz Luhrman’s Australia in the past, the new poster for the film has sparked something in me. I absolutely love the classic style they went with it, and now I actually want to re-watch the trailer… maybe I did not give it a fair chance the first time around.

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