Guest Contribution by Prince Raymond.

For a long time I resisted the trend to get a large screen TV that was HD capable. My reasoning was that I never watched enough to warrant the purchase. My husband kept on about it until we finally decided to make the purchase. I have to say that I did not think that HD would make a huge viewing difference but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I love watching nature and travel shows in HD. The resolution is amazing and I don’t think now that I could ever go back to a standard TV. I find myself actually making the time now to relax and watch a few shows at night. A few nights ago we watched the documentary Planet Earth on one of our Satellite TV channels and it was amazing.

We watch TV more as a family now than we used to before we made the conversion. There are so many great channels out there with HD content that is family friendly. We also use the DVR to record programs that we can’t fit into our schedule during normal viewing times.