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Guest post written by Judy Guerrero.

Wall Street is a place where more happens than most of us are aware of. This is the place where so much about the price of different goods is determined. It is important that you are paying attention to what is going on up there. That is why the show Wall Street Warriors is so interesting to me. This show is all about the different people that work on Wall Street. It shows the different things that they do in their jobs and helps explain what is going on to the average individual out there who has no clue about what is going on.

I think that a show like Wall Street Warriors is great both as an educational show and for entertainment value as well. I personally make sure that I tune in each week on my to catch the episodes. It is a new show, so it is hard to say which episode is my favorite yet. I would just say the first episode titled “Capitalism Rules” simply because of the fact that it was the episode that introduced me to the show. If you want to be entertained or educated, it is important that you make sure that you tune in to this show as often as possible. I learn something new every time I tune in and I think you will too.

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Guest post from Patty Summers.

I looked very long for good direct tv deals, and I’m glad I did. I signed up for it and haven’t looked back since. I will admit it, I am a sucker for reality shows. I’m not proud of it but, it is my guilty pleasure. My Digital Video Recorder and my satellite TV service is all I need to spy in on the lives of people losing weight, a family with eight kids and washed up celebrities trying to get back in the public’s eye.

I thinking having a DVR increased my addiction since I can easily skip the commercials. Now when they go to a commercial just before some big event in the show I can just zoom past the them in a few seconds. I guess my favorite show right now is Biggest Loser. It’s probably the one reality show I don’t fee so guilty watching. Of course, you can’t sit and eat a snack when watching it! The transformations the contestants go through in just a few weeks is amazing.

I just finished watching the Celebrity Apprentice, another of my favorite shows. I didn’t give the show a shot at first because I’m not really a fan of Donal Trump but over time the show has grown on me and I watch it every week now.

So now that I have confessed my love for reality TV it is time for me to go set my DVR to record TLC’s Kate Plus Eight

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