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studiocenter-film-productionNo matter where you are or what type of shoot that you are working on, whether it is a video, music project, audio work, movie, or commercial production, you need to find a studio space that you can trust and  that will work for you. You shouldn’t have to struggle and work for the space. You need to find a company with people you are comfortable with and can offer/recommend production services; like voice talent, script translation, crew, and equipment.

Studio Center Total Production is an all purpose video and audio production company with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Richmond, Memphis, Virgina Beach, and Los Angeles. They can help media production all the way from the east coast to the west coast. Their website has an online database of actors and voiceover talent, to assist you in putting together the prefect cast for whatever kind of project you are working on.  They also have inhouse writers and crew members.

If you are putting together your first movie or video production and you didn’t go to film school or you don’t have a pre-built crew, than a group like Studio Center is perfect for getting the project off the group.  They allow you to surround yourself with talented people that know what they are doing, which can allow you to concentrate on what is really important, the creative part of your project.

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Awesome To Do List Program

Do it, do it, done! is a pretty cool and very easy to use online to do list. Have you ever wasted pad after pad of paper? Have crumbled notes all over the office? Ever lose an important list before everything was crossed off it? That’s where this comes in handy.  It is fully online, but you don’t need to sign up or get a log in or anything. Each list has a unique URL. Punch it into your browser and you are ready to go. This also makes it easier to send it to team members or co-workers so they can see what you are up to and help knock things off the list.

With a press of the button, the list pops up in a small window that you can keep on the corner of your screen. If you finish something off the list, just click on the small icon and the full editable to-do list opens. Head over here and start your own list.

This is an example of a free stock image from

Are you looking for an abstract picture to be the background of your new blog? How about a beautiful landscape to use as the background in your new movie’s poster? Having access to a variety of stock images at your feet is in very important when you don’t have much in terms of funds, but have big ideas. Continue reading to find free stock images.

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