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Before you go all in with horror movies for Halloween (we will have more horror suggestions soon!), why not try an indie romantic comedy? What Love Looks Like is an anthology movie with “five interwoven love stories that explore the ups and downs of finding love.” The movie was directed by Alex Magaña and stars Josh Gilmer, Nathan Kohnen, Connor Wilkins, Kyle Meck, Jack Menzies, Kate Durocher, Taylor Alexa Frank, and Ana Ming Bostwick-Singer. The movie was released online by Indie Rights Movies.

You can watch What Love Looks Like for free on TubiTV or Amazon (with Prime), and you can follow the movie on Facebook to learn movie about the cast & crew.

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One of my favorite movies is Sleepless in Seattle. Although it is classified as a “Chick Flick”, I nonetheless have to watch it every time it appears on my TV. There is just something about this movie that keeps me coming back for more. It seems that every time I watch, a new wrinkle suddenly appears out of nowhere.

The casting and directing were first rate. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as star-crossed lovers were perfect in the leading roles, while Rob Reiner makes a perfect sidekick in his small bit part. Rita Wilson, Hanks’ real life wife also plays a part as part of the in-law pair that compares An Affair to Remember to the Dirty Dozen. Even Wilson has to laugh as the men start crying when describing the action of the war movie.

Bill Pullman and Rose O’Donnell play supporting roles as well, help Ryan’s character to realize that she is not in love Walter.

The final climactic scene involves a trip to New York by Hanks’ son who wants to meet his new mother. After flying cross country in pursuit of Noah, Hanks and Ryan finally connect on top of the Empire State Building where they discover they have met before. The movie ends in the elevator as the two stare into each others eyes, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the world.

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If somebody asked me what my favorite chick flick was, I wouldn’t even have to think about it. By far, Grease is the best chick flick you could watch. I mean, what else could you want? There is a lot of musical numbers, something I’ve always enjoyed. The clothes are simply divine; at least, if you can appreciate clothes from the 1950s. And the plot is cute, especially if you’re a fan of love stories.

I think this movie could be enjoyed by people of all ages. Kids can watch because they may not understand some of the more adult jokes. The adults, depending on their age, can reminisce about times gone by. I actually got my grandma to see it once, and she ended up talking to me about raising my mom back then, and what it was like.

The music is very catchy; even if a person has never seen the movie, chances are they know about the songs. I mean, they’ve played on the radio numerous times. Not all of them are the best, but many of them are. You just want to stand up and dance, whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Definitely, if a person is looking for a good time, they should check out Grease. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I may catch it on Satellite tv; and when I do, you couldn’t pry me away.

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Sleeper Movie PosterCinespia is hosting a free screening of Woody Allen’s sci-fi romantic comedy, “Sleeper”. The screening is part of their summer Cemetery Screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The screening is on Saturday, May 30th. The gates open at 6:30pm with djs Mahssa and Joel Black spinning music before the film starts at 8pm. While it is a “free Screening”, they ask for a 10 dollar donation at the door. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The event’s official description: “One of Allen’s early masterpieces, Sleeper is the master comedians lovable, goofy and downright entertaining foray into science fiction, A health food store owner is frozen and brought back to life in the future by radicals in order to help them overthrow an oppressive government. The man from the past wanders off on his own, however, and begins to explore a brave new world, hilarious and strange, as only Allen’s vision could provide. Also starring a young and lovely Diane Keaton.”

For more information, you can out Cinespia’s official website.

Yup. A trailer for Katherine Heigl’s new romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth, has been released. If you couldn’t guess it, Heigl portrays a romantically challenged woman who is looking for Mr. Right. This time, Mr. Right is being played by Gerard Butler, who made the ladies swoon from the afterlife in P.S. I Love You. The film co-stars Cheryl Hines, Bonnie Somerville, Bree Turner, and Eric Winter, and was helmed by Robert Luketic (21, Legally Blonde).

What do you think, should Heigl continue making predictable romantic comedies or surprise us with something new?