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Saved by the Bell Reunion

Here is something I never thought that I would ever say… Jimmy Fallon is f@&$ing awesome! Okay, let me explain myself before you click off the page. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the ex-SNLer has been working towards putting together a Saved by the Bell 20th anniversary reunion. On earlier broadcasts he has had both Dennis Haskins and Mario Lopez agree to do a reunions (check out Mario’s hysterical reenactment of the “Save Max Telethon” episode here). But now, Jimmy has out done himself by having Zack Morris as a guest…

Best Late Night guest ever. Thank you Jimmy Fallon, you have just gained a viewer. I hope the Saved by the Bell reunion fully comes together!

Here is a special end of the night Pit to enjoy with your hot coca on this cold December day.

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