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Best Live Action Short Films

The Confession
Worried about making his first confession, nine year old boy Sam and his best friend decide to play a prank so he will have something to confess.  However, when the prank takes a tragic turn, Sam finds his guilt to be overwhelming.  First things first- the cinematography is breathtaking and certainly noteworthy, but the dark story takes an unexpected turn towards the end which leaves the story in a weird place.

The Crush
An eight year old boy has a crush on his teacher that he takes a little too far when he challenges her fiance to a duel to the death.  This film started off sweet and funny, but quickly went to a dark and angsty place.  The final scene, the duel which finds the eight year old boy with his father’s gun, was uncomfortable to watch and seemed very out of place.  In the end, everything ties up nicely and it’s back to being light hearted again.  All in all, it’s a strange ride, and while it’s as dark as The Confession, it’s not nearly as compelling.

God of Love
Ray, a lounge singer who excels in darts, prays daily for his love to be reciprocated by drum player Kelly, who is inexplicably in love with his best friend.  The gods answer Ray in the form of a mysterious package of love inducing darts.  In a year of very dark nominees, this film is such a breath of fresh air.  It’s fast talking dialogue and artistic visuals make it feel like a modern film noir.  In terms of sheer enjoyment, this was by far the best film of the bunch.

Na Wewe
In the mid 1990’s in Burundi, a van is pulled over by a group of Hutus who separate the group to weed out and kill any rival tribe members, Tutsis.  The film is intense and definitely keeps you engaged, but the violence seemed very watered down from what you’d expect to see.  While the film attempts to make light of the fact that the Hutus really cannot tell who is a Tutsi and who is not, knowing that there was so much genocide during that time makes this film feel like it’s really holding back.

Wish 143
When David, a terminal cancer patient, is offered a wish through the Make a Wish foundation, he asks to lose his virginity.  When the foundation can’t grant him his wish, David attempts to make it happen on his own, with the advice from the hospital priest, before time runs out.  This story is so touching, and accomplishes a great task for a short by making you both laugh and cry.

What Will Win: Subject matter and what the Academy tends to favor would suggest that it’s a toss up between The Confession and Na Wewe, but I think that Wish 143‘s sweet story will win over voter’s hearts and edge out ahead the rest.

What Should Win: God of Love was my favorite by a landslide.  It was original, smart, witty, and gorgeous to look at.  It’s possible it could take the award home on Oscar night (it’s really anyone’s race!), but even if it doesn’t, I think we haven’t seen the last of the immensely talented writer/director/actor Luke Matheny.

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If you have followed the world of micro cinema, than you are likely familiar with Microcinema Scene, a blog from years ago that focused on the filmmakers who tirelessly work to create movies with a lack and funds but a creativity and enthusiasm that a lot of Hollywood productions lack.  The website has changed face over the years, turning from the blog into the community based Common Film, and now is known simply as Film Rogue. Along with their recent changes, the website has a new focus, to redefine Self-Distribution for micro (and no) budget features and short films.

The model of distribution takes your movie away from the current studio system, where they take 90% of your movie’s profits, and puts it back into your hands. Film Rogue is offering a non-exclusive deal where you send in a DVD of your  feature or short, and they take it and format it as a downloadable digital file (both a DVD quality version and a mobile version). They set up a product page for your film and advertise it on their website, along with their new releases, titles with the best reviews, and the most sales.  People can buy it directly off the product page. You set your price and take home 80% of all the sales (Film Rogue’s 20% cut is to help cover site operating costs and bandwidth).

The website’s suggested pricing includes:

  • Feature Films: $2.99 – $4.99 for DVD versions, $1.99 – $3.99 for mobile versions.
  • Short Films: $0.99 – $2.49 for DVD versions, $0.75 – $1.49 for mobile versions.
  • Very Short Films: $0.50 – $0.99 for any version.

Will you make a ton of money? I doubt it. But you might make a few bucks while getting your movie out there. And you’ll fully control the destiny of your film. For more information, check out the press release on Film Rogue’s website, located here.

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Cars Animated Toon

A couple weeks ago we reported about Pixar’s new Up short, George and AJ and now they have a new Cars Toon, UFM: Unidentified Flying Mater.  In the short, the ever lovable Mater is telling Lightning McQueen the story about when he befriended a UFO. As always, the short is fun, inventive, and entertaining. I can not wait for Cars 2 in 2011!

You can watch Mater (and a few other familiar cars) in UFM: Unidentified Flying Mater via YouTube or Facebook.

George and AJ, the two unlucky Shady Oaks workers who tried to pick up Carl Fredricksen in Disney/Pixar’s Up, have gotten their own short. What happened after Carl used balloons to lift his house to freedom? Well, it would appear that it caused quite a headache for them…

The short film was written and directed by Josh Cooley. Up is currently available in both Blu-Ray and DVD.

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Indy Mogul has posted the first season’s finale for their web series The Best Short Films in the World. In the series, recluse Bobby Miller watched a ton of short films online and picked his favorites from a wide variety of genres (slashers, date movies, etc). You can watch the finale below, and check out the rest of the season here.

Brew a cup o’ joe and enjoy these great articles and videos.

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  • The Best of the Best of the Best Short Films in the World! (Indy Mogul)

Same station, new time! The Pit will now be posted every Sunday morning at 8am (est).

Here is a special end of the night Pit to enjoy with your hot coca on this cold December day.

  • My favorite GIlmore Girl, Lauren Graham, is going to be on a new ABC series! (Variety)
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  • The M pointed me in the direction of an awesome article on how the major film studios got their logos and how they’ve changed over the years. A really great read. (Neatorama)
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