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The folks who brought us the hysterical Total Recall: The Musical and Conan the Barbarian: The Musical have turned to one of A-rnold’s lesser action classics, Commando, for their newest musical spoof… Commando: The Musical! I don’t think this needs any other introduction, just watch…

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Hey, fans got Betty White the Saturday Night Live hosting gig, why couldn’t we do the same for the Cookie Monster? I know I’d watch…

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Okay, this has to be my favorite Mel Gibson mesh-up so far (the Christian Bale/Mel Gibson “phone” conversation is a close second. I know, it is horrible to laugh at this horrific display, but this video is too funny. This is not safe for work, there is a lot of cursing and improper dialogue.

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From the group that created the hysterical Total Recall: The Musical, we now have Conan the Barbarian: The Musical! Once again “Arnold” sings the plot of a classic film. I really hope we get one of these for Terminator and Kindergarten Cop.

“I’lllllllll be back!”
“Noooooo, it’s not a tumoooooooooor!”

For now, enjoy this rendition of Conan the Barbarian.

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What is this video you ask? Inspired by television shows of the 1960s, CO2eux Soireé is an inspired four episode web series for Stella Artois. It is a follow up to a video project they did last year, titled Recyclage de Luxe Show.

Filmed from “inside” the new Stella Artois bottle, the piece is shot in black and white, with English subtitles, and spoofs variety shows from the sixties. The piece is witty and entertaining. The main point of the video is to showcase the steps that Stella Artois is taking to be green and help the environment. Their new bottles are shaped differently, so they can be made with less glass. Currently, each bottle is created with 75% recycled glass, and each can is made from 50% recycled aluminum. In addition to the bottles and cans, the packages for Stella Artois is created with 100% recycled paper and cardboard that is certified compostable. The brand is also looking for additional ways to be eco friendly, and will keep taking steps to helping the environment.

These videos have been put together by the creative agency Mother, who is also supporting the press, activities, and the on-pack promotions. If you are one of our visitors in the UK, than you can check out all four episodes of the CO2eux Soireé video series here. And now you have more reasons why you can enjoy Stella Artois!

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PJ found this video, but I couldn’t resist reposting it because it is pretty darn awesome. I’d go see this in theaters…

Also, don’t forget that we’re always looking for new funny videos to feature! Share yours with us through our Contact page.

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This video is right up there with the Wolverine Musical spoof video (located here).  This one is a bit different and uses footage from the movie Total Recall along with an original song sung in Arnold’s voice. Check it out below:

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