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Think back to five years ago. What do you remember? Is it possessions? Items? Or is it good times with friends and family? Is it that awesome concert? A musical show? A baseball or sporting event? The things that stick with us are the experiences of life.  So when buying gifts this Holiday season, why not take a look at one of the many live events around where you live?

There are tons of vendors that Sell Tickets Online . You can buy tickets to just about any type of event around the world without leaving your desk. The idea is to think of the person and the type of event they’d enjoy the most and go from there.  Don’t just limit yourself to movies and concerts. Have you ever gone to a demolition derby, or how about a murder mystery dinner?  Instead of taking a friend to a concert, try hitting up a music festival or even better, a music and food festival.

Other cool and different events could include variety shows, group paintball competitions, and stunt shows. Get your friends and family something that makes them get up and do something fun. Hey, you might enjoy the gift also.

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Guest post by Shawn Osburn

Golf is one of the more slower-paced sports that exist in today’s society. My passion for golf comes from a combination of true love for the sport and a deep appreciation for the beautiful scenery associated with playing. My colleagues and I enjoy a relaxing day of golf because it typically takes our minds off of the normal anxieties that include work-related stress, financial stress, and other issues. We can escape into a more enjoyable environment and have a chance to really appreciate each other when we take the time to play this truly pleasurable sport.

I love watching golf on directtv satellite TV. There is nothing that relaxes me more than kicking back after a long day’s work to watch an upcoming golf tournament. There are many talented golfers that play in today’s society but I have only one favorite. Nick Faldo of England has and always will be my favorite golfer of all time. He had his greatest success from the mid eighties to the nineties and will always be remembered for his wide variety of accomplishments world-wide. Faldo is seen today as a humorous and warm-hearted television personality and often showcases his ample knowledge on the wonderful sport of golf. The next time you hear about a tournament you should tune in, you may even catch Nick Faldo giving some pointers.

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