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Landline TV put together this awesome Terminator spoof that takes a look at what happens after a Terminator completes the mission he was sent back in time for. It is a very revealing and intimate look at the unseen life of these killing machines.

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John Connor, Terminator Salvation

New concept art and an interview with McG about Terminator Salvation has been posted over on Wired.  He talks about his vision of the future, how he got Bale to agree to the role, the look of the film, and bits and pieces about the film’s story.  I’m getting pumped for the film. I’m still very worried, but this eases my nerves a little more.

John Connor, Terminator Salvation

Hey guys, this is just a quick update to let you know that a full trailer for McG’s Terminator Salvation has been released online by Warner Brothers. You can watch it in HD here. I like it. I might even like it a lot.

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Terminator Salvation doesn’t hit theaters until May 22, 2009, but fans (myself included) are craving any and everything from the new entry in the Terminator series.  It is a constant mix of excitement (the Comic-Con footage looked pretty good) and nerves (is McG really directing this?).

Earlier this week, a behind the scenes featurette and concept art for some of the new killing machines were leaked online. The video was quickly removed from the web, but a few of the pictures are still floating around, you can view them at CanMag.