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Wow, Monday really seemed to fly by.  I hope that you can enjoy some of these great articles, videos, and games with your morning coffee/breakfast/whatever.

  • Richard Donnor talks Lethal Weapon and Superman (LA Times)
  • How in the world can paper be stronger than steel? Are we already in the future? (CNN)
  • The 25 Best (and Worst) Star Wars moments… (EW)
  • A fan of the NBC detective series Life? Head on over to its official site to play some fun simple (but addictive) games based on the show. (NBC)
  • Surfing the web can actually be good for our health? (Geek Sugar)
  • And if you still have some time left over, than catch up on full episodes of the funny CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother. (TV Guide)

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Good morning.  A lot of stuff has been happening online, here is a sampling from around the web for your morning tea or coffee.
  • Want to stop regretting the dozen e-mails you sent to your ex that night you had a few too many shots? Try on some Google Beer Goggles. (CNN)
  • Ninja Cats are awesome… yet creepy. (YouTube)
  • Fox has announced plans to make a Wall Street sequel. Seriously guys? At a time like this? Seriously? (Variety)
  • Don Cheadle replaces Terrence Howard as War Machine in Iron Man 2. I guess they wanted to go with someone tougher? (THR)
  • Have you seen the trailer for JCVD yet? (Yahoo)

It is the weekend! Party time! Excellent! *Strums out on guitar* Anyhow, I hope you’ve had a nice week. Enjoy this sampling of articles and news bits from around the web. Come Monday, we’ll have a new Book to Film Review, Trailer Impressions, TV Tonight and more!

  • Smarter than the average cartoon turned live action/CGI flick? (THR)
  • With the possibility of “Smallville” ending after this season, it is only natural for The CW to look into other heroes to adapt, but Robin? Seriously, why Robin? (TV)
  • What are the Top 10 movies that you won’t admit that you love? (Spike)
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It will be really hard to top last week’s The Pit with zombie legos, but I’ll try!

  • What are the top 20 Wii games that you should already own? (IGN)
  • You can watch the season 2 premiere of “Chuck” for 12 more hours! With its crowded Monday timeslot (Terminator, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl), this might be the best time to check it out. (Hulu)
  • Eager to watch TV tonight?  Suggestions for your TiVo. (BuzzSugar)
  • With the election getting closer, how about we look at the woes of another campaign? (YouTube)
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The Pit, My Hollywood Dream Column

A few good articles, news bits and pictures to look at while you have your morning coffee…

  • Awesome new ‘Watchmen’ photos! I’ll watch the Watchmen. (Superhero Hype)
  • ‘Voltron’ gets a reboot. (Variety)
  • Aint-it-Cool wasted their time reviewing ‘The Scorpion King 2’, the straight to DVD prequel to the prequel of a sequel. (AICN)
  • Hey look, there is some hope for a good ‘Spy Hunter’ movie afterall! (Latino Review)
  • ‘Goosebumps’ is being adapted for the big screen. I hope they choose ‘It Came from Beneath the Sink’! (Hollywood Reporter)

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