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Sharknado was amazing. Truly amazing. It was “lightening in a bottle” for the SyFy channel, so there was never a doubt if their would be a sequel. Will it live up to the original?

“It’s happening again.”

With that one line of dialogue, SyFy has hooked me. The over the top dramatic trailer with an iconic shot of Ian Ziering holding his signature chainsaw also helps. The TV movie will be unleased on Wednesday, July 30th, and joining Ziering from the original will be Tara Reid along with a new crop of characters played by Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer, Courtney Baxter, Dante Palminteri, and other shark bait.

Excited for the idea of a “sharknado” in New York City? Feel like there is no way they can top the first movie?

When I heard the concept for Gotham I was not very impressed. Batman a la Smallville. The most interested part of Batman to me, is Batman. Pull that out of the mix and I just really do not care. Has the trailer changed my opinion at all?

Yes and no.

The trailer is good. It sets up the series nicely and established the key players. Jim Gordon, now portrayed by The OC and Southland‘s Ben McKenzie, is a very interesting character. And here he is a bit tougher than we are used to. Donal Logue and Robin Lord Taylor also stand out in the mix, Logue is Harvey Bullock while Taylor is the man who will become the Penguin. Jada Pinkett Smith is the sore thumb. It could just be how the trailer is pieced together, but Smith feels over the top in a Catwoman movie kind of bad. Here is hoping that she is a bit less annoying in the series.

Gotham has a lot of potential, but along with that potential are a lot of things that can go wrong. Lets hope that Fox gives the series the room to grow and doesn’t cancel it before its time, as it did with other genre series Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Excited to see Batman (well, Bruce Wayne) come to the small screen? How will it compare with Arrow and Agents of SHIELD? What other comics do you want to see adapted for TV?

Watching this trailer was like reading the book all over again.  There doesn’t appear to be anything in this film that’s not taken directly from this wonderful little Southern novel by Sue Monk Kidd.  Dakota Fanning appears to really be coming into her own as an actress and is a great choice for the sweet, but damaged Lily.  Every member or the Boatwright family, Jennifer Hudson as Rosaleen, and Tristan Wilds as Zachary are perfectly cast.  There’s something about this era and the hardships suffered by so many in the South that I just can’t resist both in film and in books.  I can’t wait to see this film and compare it to the novel, but for now, I dare you to watch this trailer without getting just a little bit choked up.

First of all, I’m shocked that a film featuring two Academy Award winning actors (Martin Landau, Tim Robbins) and two Academy Award nominees (Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan) based on a popular children’s series is being so wildly ignored as far as publicity and hype goes. I loved the book, and I find Ronan to be a great casting choice, and Tim Robbins is enjoyable in anything, so I can’t imagine that there’s not something for everyone here.

Ignored or not, the trailer looks pretty exciting doesn’t it? Definitely far more exciting and action packed than I would have ever pictured the book as. I’m glad I didn’t see any of this before reading the book, as I may have been disappointed in the lack of action while reading, but instead now I feel I’ll be disappointed by the film. I wish this adaptation could have been treated better, but it looks as though it never stood a chance. Directed by relative newcomer Gil Kenan (Monster House), he has taken a slow, steady, and very dark children’s book and turned it into a thrilling race to escape the city, adding a lot of action that didn’t exist in the novel. The trailer does not waste any time in introducing it’s characters and tries to suck the audience in with excitement instead. In fact, I’m not even completely clear on what character Tim Robbins plays (I guessed Doon’s father and IMDB tells me I’m correct), I didn’t see Martin Landau once, and I thought they had cut the character of Lina’s little sister until I freeze framed one of the last shots in the tunnel and realized there was a small child with them all along.

I loved this book so much that I’ll definitely see this movie, but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. And depending on how well it performs this weekend, I hope they changed the ending so it doesn’t blatantly set up the next two movies that may never be made.

This book did not impress me, but this trailer on the other hand makes the film look very funny.  Probably because it’s better to watch someone funny like Simon Pegg play an idiot who screws everything up, than it is to read the actual accounts of a real life idiot who was handed everything and flushed it all away.

The best elements from the memoir are there- from asking a popular actor if he’s gay in an interview (in the memoir it was Nathan Lane) to the stripper on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”  However, it looks like they’ve changed and blended a lot of the characters, for instance I’m pretty sure Kirsten Dunst’s character is a mix of two female characters from the book with a little bit of fictional character to beef up her part.  And I’m pretty sure Sophie (Megan Fox) was a model in the book, though the whole thing with the dog happened to a hot, young assistant.

I think this movie looks hysterical.  Simon Pegg is perfect to play the sad sack Toby/Sydney Young and as morbid as it may seem- I can’t wait to see how his missteps play out on screen.  His bad fortune may make for comedy gold.

I have a feeling that this film might be one of those situations where you either like the book and not the movie, or vice versa. Or maybe it’s more what you saw or read first. Either way, I really enjoyed the book, but don’t have high hopes for the film. While Kat Dennings is an inspired choice for Norah, I just don’t see Michael Cera as Nick. To be honest, he’s just not cool enough.

There are certain parts of the trailer that are lifted right from the book, such as when Nick’s friends take Caroline off Nick and Norah’s hands, but mostly it looks like a lot of changes. For one, it’s Norah that asks Nick to be her “boyfriend for 5 minutes” rather than the other way around as in the book, and it leads me to wonder why. Also, the subplot with losing Caroline seems completely unnecessary.

The book has such a rushed, immediate, living-one-moment-to-the-next tone to it that it seems impossible to translate to film. If anything, though, it looks like it’ll at least have an awesome soundtrack.

Between the teaser and several TV spots I’ve seen for “Blindness”, I’ve been very skeptical as to how accurate it will remain to Saramago’s novel.  Yet, judging from this trailer, I may have been very wrong.  While the spots I’ve seen seem to focus on the government’s reaction to the white blindness epidemic, this trailer focuses on the characters that make the novel so relevant and touching.  The montage at the beginning of the trailer shows each of the main characters each going blind in the exact same manner as in the book.  Most of the dialogue is straight from the novel as well, in fact the only discrepancy I can find is that the doctor’s wife insists on going in the ambulance with her husband even though she can see, whereas in the book she lies and tells them she has gone blind at that very moment.

It’s entirely possible that this trailer could have been crafted in such a way in order to hook fans of the book, as the TV spots have proven that there is definitely some material with the government and Sandra Oh’s character that was invented for the film.  Yet, I feel somewhat assured that this trailer shows that my favorite characters will all be there and that their stories appear to be somewhat unaffected in this adaptation.

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