The CSI franchise is going the way of the Law & Order franchise — at its height, it was three series strong, and probably could’ve sustained a fourth series, but now as time goes on three is now two and the “youngest” CSI show, CSI: NY, airs on Fridays. It is a strong Friday night series and has proven to CBS time and time again that it actually has the viewership to stay on Fridays seeing as anything scripted that isn’t CSI: NY or Blue Bloods that airs on CBS on Friday’s cannot make it past a season (Looking at you A Gifted Man & Made in Jersey). Now, does that means I actively watch this series? No. I use too watch it when I was younger and in the “prime” of its run, but not anymore. Will I tune into it if I’m having a lazy Friday night? Sometimes.

The last time I watched CSI: NY was actually pretty recently when they did this stunt episode where half the episode was silent and featured songs from Green Day’s new album. Upon watching it, I was surprised that, the quality of the series hadn’t much diminished since the last time I watched which had been several years before. At the same time, the stunt episode was not enough for me to actively want to restart watching the show. However, what that viewing did show me was that for such a standard procedural, it still has some compelling elements which explains why Gary Sinise still does not want to return to the world of films.

The show is not as strong as it use to be, but it is still better then a lot of the reality programming, or just “reruns” the other networks offer up. I salute CBS for still making Friday a priority by getting original episodes of shows out on the night. Though this show is not my cup of tea anymore, it could still be a lot worse. This is a take it or leave it show — you’ll either love it or feel meh with it. Hard to really hate this series but there’s not enough in it to distinguish it from a lot of the ballsy shows being produced nowadays. Its only advantage is that it airs on Fridays with very little scripted competition. If Friday was still in its hayday (like in the 90’s and earlier), this show wouldn’t be on the air anymore. Still though, I don’t recommend you watch this show actively — I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch the show entirely at all.

However, maybe you might want to make an exception tonight and at least DVR this week’s episode. Our EIC, The Pit, has a friend in this week’s episode- so check it out for him!

Episode Description, “Blood Out”: Lovato’s cover is inadvertently blown, which leads the CSIs to investigate a Latin street gang she infiltrated while undercover.

Catch the new episode of CSI: NY at 9:00pm on CBS.


SYFY: WWE SmackDown (wrestling)
CBS: Undercover Boss (reality)
CW: Nikita (spy drama)
ABC: Last Man Standing/Malibu Country (TGIF!)
DSC: Gold Rush (docu)
HGTV: Lightmares (docu)
ID: Facing Evil (docu)


TBS: For Better or Worse (comedy)
CW: Arrow (action drama)
PBS: The Mind of a Chef (docu)
ANIMAL: Raised Wild (docu)
DISNEY: Phineas and Ferb/Fish Hooks (animation)
HGTV: Flea Market Flip (reality)
TRU: Killer Karaoke (reality)


CBS: Blue Bloods (crime drama)
E!: Fashion Police (docu)
FX: Ultimate Fighter Fridays (fighting)
DSC: Jungle Gold (docu)
PBS: The Mind of a Chef (docu)
TLC: Brides of Beverly Hills (reality)
TRAVEL: The Dead Files (docu)

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I remember going into this show blind when it first aired. For me, I like to watch every pilot that I can regardless of who is in it or who the off screen talent are. That’s why when I walked away from the pilot, I found myself pleasantly surprised. I knew of Kerry Washington, I’d seen her in a bunch of movies, but never thought she really stood out in any of them and I knew of Shonda Rhimes, of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice‘s fame, but I was never impressed with either show. That’s why I was actually blown away by Scandal. It was a lightning fast show with tension in every imagininable way. Cut to half a year later and the show is in the middle of a stellar second season and Kerry Washington has come into her own as “fixer” Olivia Pope in this soap/procedural hybrid. It is also one of the hottest show’s on network TV right now- if not the hottest (and when I say hot I really mean erotic) because Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn (who plays Fitzgerald Grant) have some of the craziest chemistry on TV.

I will say this about the show, though it is a guilty pleasure of mine to watch, it does have a few faults. Firstly, there is the fact that the central relationship of the show, between Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant, keeps having unnecessary blockers pop up to prevent the duo from actually getting together. Secondly, the procedural elements can be at times feel forced into the plot, though I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the network is asking for those elements moreso then anything since Shonda Rhimes does use the form of soap/procedural in her other hit shows. Thirdly, I really hate the First Wife character mainly because she’s a barrier for the central relationship and she’s a god damn bitch that hasn’t shown any redeeming qualities yet. Lastly, there’s is a new conspiracy that was added to the show which came out of left field for one character (I won’t reveal who) and I still can’t wrap my head around it or why they did it. It seems like they wrote themselves into a rut, but I will also say that since this is still very much a young show that is still finding its voice.

Though, some may view this as a chick-centric series, it is actually incredibly intriguing and very well written series that has razor sharp “Sorkin”-esque dialogue. It may not be the best show around but it’s a series that both men and women can enjoy equally and become fully engrossed in. My suggestion — watch it — it’s worth it because it is actually quite entertaining. That and tonight’s episode, according to the recent TV spots being spammed by ABC, state that Entertainment Weekly thinks tonight’s episode is the best episode of not only the show but of all shows this week. That is quite a big statement, and I’m intrigued to find out if it’s true or not. Are you going to take a gander? Scandal airs at 10:00pm on ABC.

Episode Description, “Defiance”: Harrison leads the group as they assist a billionaire whose mental state is questionable. Meanwhile, Olivia helps plan Fitz’s 50th birthday party; and James stumbles onto something big as he looks into Cytron.

PS: Kerry Washington is my new celeb crush because of this show.

Also on TV Tonight…


CW: The Vampire Diaries (supernatural drama)
NBC: 30 Rock/Up All Night (comedies)
ABC: Last Resort (action drama)
CBS: The Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men (comedies)
FOX: The X Factor (reality competition)
BET: Apollo Live (variety)
SPIKE: Impact Wrestling (wrestling)


NBC: The Office/Parks and Recreation (comedies)
ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (medical drama)
CBS: Person of Interest (drama)
FOX: Glee (musical drama)
CW: Beauty and the Beast (drama)
LIFE: Project Runway All Stars (reality)
TLC: Four Weddings (docu)


NBC: Rock Center (news showcase)
CBS: Elementary (crime drama)
FX: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League (comedies)
ID: Very Bad Men (docu)
MTV: Jersey Shore (disgusting “reality”)
TLC: Along for the Bride (docu)
VH1: The Greatest (top list)

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Finale week continues as Key & Peele caps off its second season within a year. I’ve been a fan of the duo since their days on Mad TV, a sketch show I wish Fox hadn’t canceled. That series, which introduced me to the likes of Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project), Josh Meyers (Seth’s brother, who is equally as funny), Bobby Lee, and Will Sasso amongst others. Sure, it never launched a star as big as some former SNLers but it was much more consistently funny then SNL and I would watch it during SNL slumps. It is because of Mad TV that Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele became friends and it is because of that series that they’ve been able to become masters of sketch comedy.

This is a funny show. Much funnier then a lot of non-SNL sketch shows of the past and it has become more popular with each episode. The keynote sketch, from this show, that you’ve probably heard of is, the Obama/Luther Anger Translator sketch where President Obama supposedly has an anger translator, named Luther, whom he uses to vent for him. It is a great sketch. One of many from this show. And it’s one that has actually been watched, and commented on, by the President himself.

Definitely an underrated comedy show, though it’s not appointment television. It’s good enough, in my mind, too always have on your DVR and watch when you’ve got nothing else better to do on a slow day. The show deserves a third season and thankfully, just yesterday Comedy Central announced that it would be getting that third season.

Key & Peele airs on Comedy Central at 10:30 PM.


CW: Arrow (action drama)
ABC: Charlie Brown Christmas (holiday)
CBS: Survivor: Philippines (reality competition)
FOX: The X Factor (reality competition)
NBC: Christmas in Rockefeller Center (holiday)
MTV: Pranked (clip comedy)
TRAVEL: Baggage Battles (reality)


ABC: Modern Family/Suburgatory (comedies)
CBS: Criminal Minds (crime drama)
NBC: SNL Christmas (holiday)
CW: Supernatural (supernatural drama)
FOOD: Restaurant: Impossible (reality)
SYFY: Ghost Hunters (reality)
TRAVEL: Toy Hunter (docu)


ABC: Nashville (drama)
CBS: CSI (crime drama)
BRAVO: Top Chef (reality competition)
E!: The Soup (clip comedy)
FOOD: Restaurant Stakeout (reality)
FX: American Horror Story (horror drama)
TVLAND: Hot in Cleveland/Happily Divorced (comedies)

This is one of the most fascinating Reality Shows on television. It is a show dedicated to those who have devoted their whole lives for preparing for the end of the world and boy are some of these people predicting out there premises. There have been people profiled who believe a super volcano will suddenly appear in New York, a second financial collapse that’ll reduce people into becoming barbarians, and people who just plan old think a meteor is going to hit that’ll destroy the power grid and thus civilization. These people range from the mildly interesting to the straight out bizarre– and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Though I believe everybody has dreams of living in the apocalypse, most of those dreamers, like myself, are not actively seeking out the end of the world. Would it be cool? For the first few days, but after a while it’ll get tough because that is how reality works. These people are prepped. These people are who I would want to team up with to survive with. These people wouldn’t accept me because I haven’t been prepping with them. The series does inspire one to actually go out and prepare for the worst, especially after seeing the recent events unfold in New York after Hurricane Sandy.

What I will say is that though I don’t watch much Reality TV because of how crappy most of it is (thanks Bravo and E!), there are vary few times where the Reality TV series is actually interesting. This is one of those TV shows. If you’re going to try and check out a new “reality” series, give this one a go, as I promise you will be absolutely fascinated by some of these people and their out there apocolypse theories. I’m just thankful none of them look like a new age Jim Jones’. Thank god.

Episode Description, “The Time of Reckoning”: A single dirty bomb could cause massive chaos. Tom Perez is prepping for a terrorist attack and suspects it’s only a matter of time before one gets through our defenses. He has not worked in 12 years because he spends most of his day prepping and spends much of his family’s yearly income on preps.

Doomsday Preppers airs on National Geographic at 9:00 pm. What else is on tonight?


CBS: NCIS (crime drama)
ABC: How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Shrek the Halls (holiday)
FOX: Raising Hope/Ben and Kate (comedies)
NBC: The Voice (reality competition)
CW: Hart of Dixie (medical drama)
ANIMAL: Frontier Earth (docu)
GSN: Minute to Win It (game show)


NBC: Go On/The New Normal (comedies)
ABC: Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars (reality competition)
CBS: NCIS: LA (crime drama)
FOX: New Girl/The Mindy Project (comedies)
CW: Emily Owens, M.D. (medical drama)
BRAVO: Flipping Out (docu)
HGTV: Property Virgins (docu)


FOOD: Chopped (cooking compeition)
CBS: Vegas (drama)
NBC: Parenthood (drama)
BBC: Chef Race: U.K. vs U.S. (reality competition)
BET: Keyshia & Daniel (reality)
BRAVO: Million Dollar Decorators (reality)
COMEDY: Tosh .0/Brickleberry (comedy)

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This is it folks, we’ve finally reached the midseason finale of Revolution and I have to say, I never expected the show to be so bland. Everything about the show has felt wrong up to this point. The show, which has been trying to capture a Lost meets The Walking Dead vibe, has not been sitting well with me. It features standout actors from other big shows such as Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), but has never lived up to its potential set from that wicked first trailer that was released back in May.

I have a few theories about this. First, I think it has something to do with the fact that the series features leads that are way too cleaned up for a show that’s set in a post-apocalyptic (or should I say “power”) world. Everybody looks so clean, especially the group that’s been trekking for the better part of eight or nine episodes. These people just look like they keep hitting showers left and right when we know damn well in the story that they have not. Second, and this is the series’ big problem, who’ll gain the power of the pendants hasn’t been utilized enough and are only teased at a level that reminds me of a teaser from FlashForward and/or The Event. These were two event series that only lasted a season. Finally, the big bad Monroe Republic has been thwarted at every turn by the main group led by Miles Matheson and just cannot get a win. When the British girl died, I felt like the show was willing to take risks, until you realize she died by a non-Monroe army adversary. And that also reminds me, the show is not willing to take any risks. (SPOILERS FOLLOW FOR THE WALKING DEAD) The reason people love The Walking Dead is because it does not give a damn about who it takes the life of — in the comics a baby is killed — and I’m pretty sure that same baby won’t last two seasons of the show.

Now, for all of its downfalls, Revolution is still an entertaining series that is only in its first season, and it is my belief that for this show to succeed it’s going to need a kickass fall finale, or else it’ll lose a ton of viewers. They’ve teased a clash between the two groups and if they don’t meet up until the end of the episode, I’ll be pissed… The downside of this finale is that it’s the last episode of the series to air until late February/Early March so now I have to ask… will that hiatus kill this still promising series? My feeling is it’s going to wound the hell of it.

Episode Description, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”: In the gang’s quest to rescue Danny, the time has come for Miles and Monroe to meet face to face. Meanwhile, on the verge of reuniting with her brother, Charlie is conflicted by a shocking discovery and Rachel tests Monroe’s patience.


ABC: Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars (reality competition)
CBS: How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory (comedies)
FOX: Bones (crime drama)
NBC: The Voice (reality competition)
CW: 90210 (drama)
USA: WWE Monday Night Raw (wrestling)
VH1: Basketball Wives LA (reality)


ABC: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (reality)
CBS: 2 Broke Girls/Mike & Molly (comedies)
FOX: The Mob Doctor (drama)
CW: Gossip Girl (drama)
A&E: Intervention (reality)
DSC: American Chopper (reality)
TLC: Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (reality competition)


HIST: Pawn Stars (reality)
ABC: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (reality)
CBS: Hawaii Five-0 (crime drama)
OWN: Dateline on OWN (news showcase)
MTV: Teen Mom 2 (reality)
ID: Disappeared (docu)
Tru: Vegas Strip (reality)

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead proved that the zombie show is not just one of TV’s good shows, it is one of TV’s great shows, thanks to last week’s amazing, gut wrenching episode that left me (and I know pretty much everybody else) in tears at the very end. I will say this, The Walking Dead has quickly redeemed itself from the mistakes it made in the first season and has finally allowed itself to really transfer the genius of the comic book series to television screens.

In tonight’s episode, I cannot help but wonder just how far Rick will have fallen and how far Carl will rise thanks to the events of last week’s episode. I’m also looking forward to seeing the newly hinted, more hinged dynamic that is starting to develop between the far more sympathetic Merle and the Governor as I know they’re going to butt heads sooner rather then later. It is weird to say that for a zombie show, its most compelling elements are not the zombie kills and the tension that comes from the zombie action but the characters themselves. For what felt like a season finale episode, I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series- if it keeps up this trend, The Walking Dead could do the unthinkable and actually win an Emmy, something nobody would have thought possible for a show that’s initial draw was that it was a show with zombies. Kudos to the creative team, just, kudos!!!

Episode Description, “Say the Word”: Rick struggles after experiencing another loss; Michonne has her suspicions about the Governor, who throws a party for the people of Woodbury, but gives it an unusual twist.

Check out these Walking Dead related products…

NBC is calling this a TV Special, but it is actually a pilot. From Bryan Fuller, the mastermind behind the visually spectacular Pushing Daises, the ever quirky Dead Like Me, and the co-creator of Wonderfalls. If there was ever a remake that could use his touch it would be the Munsters — and man does this look like it has potential. Directed by Bryan Singer and starring Eddie Izzard, Jerry O’Connell, and Portia de Rossi amongst others, the show looks to be filled with spectacular effects (did anyone else see the dragon in the TV spots?!?) and a quirky storyline. I’m hoping that the ratings justify a potential series pickup — since I dig the creative team behind and in front of the camera, but my gut is saying that’s not going to be the case. In which case I have to wonder, is this (rumored) 10 million dollar **pilot** erhm “TV Special” that much of a disaster?!?

Regardless of the outcome, I’m intrigued enough to check out, since it legitimately looks like nothing else on TV and that’s exactly the type of TV I scout out when looking at potential new shows. What’s the point of watching the same old slosh week in and week out when stuff like this is actually being produced. Especially with Bryan Fuller hamming it up in interviews that if this show goes to series, he plans on doing to the Universal Pictures monster catalog what Once Upon a Time is doing with fairy tales and Disney’s catalog and updating them for the modern age — and for the more mature viewer. However, I cannot say if the given special will be good or not, nor can I say if NBC is making a good call on doing what it is doing by “airing” this special all I can say is that whether it turns out good or not, I’m still going to be, at the very least, recording this for a weekend viewing.

Official Episode Description, “Pilot”: A revamping of the 1964-66 TV series “The Munsters” tracks the lives of a ghoulish family. Here, young Eddie discovers he grows hair all over his body during a full moon, and funeral director Herman Munster suffers from a heart condition.


SYFY: WWE SmackDown (wrestling)
ABC: Shark Tank (reality)
FOX: Kitchen Nightmares (docu)
CW: America’s Next top Model (reality competition)
ANIMAL: Monsters Inside Me (docu)
DISNEY: A.N.T. Farm/Jessie (teen)
DIS: Gold Rush (reality)


NBC: Grimm (supernatural drama)
ABC: 20/20 All Access Nashville w/ Katie Couric (showcase)
CBS: CSI: NY (crime drama)
CW: Nikita (action drama)
TBS: For Better or Worse (comedy)
HGTV: Home Strange Home (docu)
TRAVEL: Ghost Adventures (docu)


ABC: 20/20 (news showcase)
CBS: Blue Bloods (crime drama)
NBC: Dateline NBC (news showcase)
ANIMAL: Monsters in My Head (docu)
E!: Fashion Police (entertainment news)
FX: The Ultimate Fighter Fridays (fighting)
SYFY: Haven (supernatural drama)

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