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Lets jump right in.

She’ll be back? Hopefully. The latest rumor for the proposed Terminator 5 (you know, the one Universal is looking to make with Arnold and Fast Five director Justin Lin) is that Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) might be back from the grave. Or more accurately, never died in the first place as Lin is looking to explore the idea of the multiple timelines. With how far Terminator 3 and 4 strayed from what was originally established, it would make perfect sense to explore the idea of the fractured timeline.

In the about time department, the Sin City 2 script is undergoing some rewrites by William Monahan in preparation for the film to finally be shot. The original was shot back in 2005 and it is really weird that it has taken more than 6 years for the sequel to get closer to being made. The original was a spot on adaptation of the popular graphic novel, that was not only a hit creatively, but found a decent sized audience.

Lots of movement on the Two and a Half Men front, with Judy Greer cast as Ashton Kutcher’s ex-wife and the announcement of Courtney Thorne-Smith returning as Lyndsey McElroy, Jon Cryer’s Alan’s ex-love interest. It will be interesting to see how all of the changes that started with Charlie Sheen being fired will effect the show’s ninth season.

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Today, we have a guest TV article written by David Teller.

One of the funniest sitcoms that I have ever seen is the show Two and a Half Men. This show stars Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus Jones. The story focuses on the circumstances that arise when a debauchee jingle writer (played by Charlie Sheen) has to share his house with his cheap-skate divorced brother (played by Jon Cryer) and his idiot son (played by Angus Jones).

Two and a Half Men was developed by Chuck Lorre, who wrote for some of the funniest sitcoms in history; Roseanne, Dharma and Greg, Grace Under Fire and more recently, The Big Bang Theory. His style of writing can be crass at times, but it also deals with the issues of real people. I think that is why those shows, as well as Two and a Half Men, are so popular. Just about everyone who watches the show can relate to the story and the characters. And that makes for some great television.

Two and a Half Men have been running for seven seasons now and there is some speculation that the show won’t be returning due to stalled contract talks between the show and the main star, Charlie Sheen. If these talks can’t be worked out than I am afraid the show is doomed. I just can’t imagine it going on without its main star. It might continue to limp on for awhile, but will eventually fall in ratings. How sad would that be for such a funny show? But, no matter if it continues on or abruptly ends, I do know one thing. I will have seven years of reruns to keep me in stitches.