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Brew a cup o’ joe and enjoy these great articles and videos.

  • Wal-Mart is starting to sell I-Phones at a slightly discounted price. (CNN)
  • Have you ever been so annoyed at someone making noise at the movies that you just wanted to shoot them? Well, this guy did. (FOX)
  • This has to easily be the best fan made trailer I have ever seen! I’d wait on line for days in front of a theater to see Thundercats: Sword of Omens! (Wormy TV)
  • The Best of the Best of the Best Short Films in the World! (Indy Mogul)

Same station, new time! The Pit will now be posted every Sunday morning at 8am (est).

Welcome to the Free Stuff section of the website. As you might notice, these posts here don’t always have to do with Entertainment or Filmmaking. This first post is about a free sample of Oatmeal Crisp being offered by Wal Mart. Read on for more details.

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