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This post is brought to you by Sudoku Wizz.

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to checkout and talk about a ton of different websites that I likely would not have found if I didn’t run My Hollywood Dream. Everything from gaming websites to independent films, comedians, cool T-shirts and a lot more. Today I was asked to check out and review Lets jump right in.

Sudoku Wizz has a very simple yet mostly effective website design (see the above picture for the intro page). The grey, blue and white color scheme is very clean and easy on the eyes. I like the top banner which is in the styles of a sudoku game. The website is broken into four sub-pages; “Sudoku Games”, “Sudoku for Print”, “Sudoku Tips”, and “Contact Us”. On the top right of the page there are links to like the page on Facebook or +1 it on Google. And on the bottom of the page there is an additional link for Solitaire Games, but the page it leads to is not in English.

The only part of the design that does not work is the Google Ads that are featured on the left side of the site. I have no problems with ads on websites (as you can see from the left of this article), but the ad on this page is not locked it place. On screens with a smaller resolution the ads cover the links on the left side of the page (that take visitors directly to the puzzles they are visiting the site for). A small change of putting the ad above or below the links instead of having them floating (sometimes) over the links would clear this up pretty easily.

The Sudoku Games sub-page leads you to a list of seven flash games, titled Sudoku 1 through 5, Of the Sponge, and Samurai. All of them are quick loading and easy to get started. If you like Sudoku and playing free online games, this is a good page to bookmark. The Sudoku for Print section gives you four options to print at home with various difficult levels. These are great for if you are going to be a passenger on a road trip or want to have an inexpensive game in the bathroom for visitors. The images are clean and print clearly. The Sudoku Tips section shares four different strategies with visitors; The Rule of One, Naked Subsets, Naked Singles, and Start Small. Check out the website (linked above) for more details on their playing strategies. The Contact Us sub-page is self explanatory.

If you like sudoku then the Sudoku Wizz is a great website to bookmark. If you are unfamiliar with the puzzle game, then I’d also recommend checking it out to learn how to play and get access to some free printable games and you can also hone your skills on their free Flash games.

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Finally I get a chance to review a website that has nothing to do about Web Hosting. This week I was introduced to Lucky Land and was asked to take the time and review the website. Lets start with the website’s logo:

I have to say, it is a bit disappointing and reminds me of logos from the websites of the early nineties. I have no problem with the colors or the basic concept of the logo, but with a name like “Lucky Land” you could do so much more. You could use aspects of an amusement park or carnival games. Something flashy or modern even. People remember cool logos, this one is a bit too bland and forgettable for my taste. Lets move on to the basic site features.

At its core, the website is an information hub about online and live card and slot machine gaming. It has five key articles, they are “Online vs Offline casinos”, “Different games”, “Party Casino”, “Bonuses”, “Slot games”, and “Software”. Here is a screenshot from the website’s main page:

The articles are between 300 and 500 words each. They are written to be accessible to everyone that might check out the website. They are far from complicated which is good, but sadly that also causes them to be not as in depth as they could be. Or should be.

You can click here for Lucky land, let us know in the comments if the website is helpful to you!

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Wow, it has been a while since I was asked to do one of these. I might be a little rusty when it comes to reviewing web sites, but lets see what I can do. Find web hosting is a directory that helps visitors do just what the website name says; find web hosting. The website is completely free to use and their about section says that their focus is to “provide clear, objective information to help you find the right web hosting provider to support your personal or business needs.

Their directory of top web hosts is put together through a variety of information, including price, money back offer, set up/domain costs, bandwidth, performance, reviews and overall score. Above is a picture of the website’s main page. The color scheme of blue and silver works well and is consistent throughout the website.  In fact, the whole website is very clean and well put together. Sections are easy to find and there is a lot of information presented, yet it does not feel like it is an information overload.

The top menu bar includes links for “Compare Hosts”, “Forum”, “Resources”, “About”, “News”, and “Contact”. As you can imagine the “Compare Hosts” section is the most useful for someone actually looking for a web host. “Resources” is also informative, with articles such as Do It Yourself Graphics, Page Optimization and SQL Server Databases. Themain direction of top web hosts includes sections such as “Business Hosting”, “Cheap Hosting”, “Green Hosting”, and “Ecommerce Hosting” to name a few.

If you give the directory a chance, please come back and let me know how useful it was for you by leaving a comment below!

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Today we were asked to take a look at and review the website and services of The Steam Team. They are located in Austin Texas and are a full-service cleaning and restoration company, that specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery, refinishing, air duct cleaning, water extraction, and a lot more. Lets start by taking a look at their front page:

The layout of the website is very clean and very clear. There is a column of links to the left that include all of The Steam Team’s services, including the ones listed above along with stuff like marble polishing and there are additional pages for stuff like activated charcoal for odor removal and affordable carpet cleaning austin. On the top of the page there is a bar of links that include testimonials, about, special, FAQs, contact and their guarantee. The meat of the front page includes a picture, information about the company, and links for call us today, order online now, and get a quick quote.

The services page list some brief details about what they do, but does not include any prices. Each job gets its own quote (but that is easy enough to get to with links on the front page). The website’s design is consistent and well throughout.  There is nothing on it that stands out, but nothing that would make me click off the page either. For a company website it gets the job done. The website also includes different pages with details and helpful tips for some of their services, including car carpet cleaning tips and car upholstery cleaning tips.

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This post brought to you by luvfree. All opinions are 100% mine.

Earlier today I had the pleasure of taking a site tour and checking out all of the ins and outs of The website is for singles looking for mates and is, get this, 100% free. There are absolutely no charges for using it.  As usual I like to start at the beginning and check out the websites front page…

The first thing that caught my eye was (sadly) the google banners on both sides of the page. They are big, and while I understand they are likely the key factor in keeping the site free to the public, they make the site look cheap. Otherwise, I really dig the style of the site. Under the top logo is a menu with links for the home page, joining, logging in, searching, chat, and blogs. Traveling down the page from the menu you come to a block that explains the website and why you should join. Nine other blocks follow, included in the mix are tips on how to make your profile noticeable, new users, most friendly users, tricks to using the site, top rated photos, how to meet new people, most active users, todays birthdays, and featured blog posts. It is a ton of info with links and mixed in are pictures of users. The blocks helped me learn a lot about the site. On the top right of the site is a quick search box. Other features of the website include the ability for users to post videos, pictures, and a blog.  You can become friends with other users, rate their profiles and pictures, and chat with them directly (in real time).

Profile pages begin with an about box, that includes info about the person, their marital status, if they want children, education, languages, if they smoke/drink, and what they are looking for in a partner. Under the about section is a box to rate the profile, a picture with the option to send a message or a kiss to the person, and a box where the user talks about themselves in their own words, and at the bottom of the page is a list of the person’s friends with links to their profiles.

The world of online dating might not be for everyone, but if you are already searching the web for love, than you might as well sign up for LuvFree, it will not cost you a dime and you never know where you might find your soul mate.

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I’ve had the pleasure of checking out in the past, and now I’ve been invited to check back in with the website. If you are not familiar with the website, they offer everything you could ever need to design the bathroom of your dreams for your home or condo. They offer thousands of “up to date, hand selected products” that come with a reliable guarantee.

The front page is pictured to the left (click to enlarge). The website has a very distint and clean design that is rather easy to navigate. There are lots of different sections, that include categories for bathroom suites, toilets, tiles, furniture, showers, baths, and a lot more. Currently, Better Bathrooms is having a “Stock Clearance” on their bathroom suites with up to 55% off RRP and a half price on tiles sale.  Included in the “Stock Clearance” are sections for modern, traditional, and cloakroom bathroom suites, among pages for every different type of bathroom fixture. Bathroom suites include pieces including basins, pedestals, toilets, and accessories. They currently have other deals on Quadrant Shower Enclosures and L-Shaped Shower Baths.

Are you looking to fix up your current bathroom, add in a new bath to your home, or design the bathroom of your dreams? Than maybe you should head on over to

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Welcome to another website review. I love doing these because I get to check out websites that I usually would not see and get to explore a different side of the web.  Today I’m taking a look at, a website for an Austin Roofing Contractor that believe that “quality, innovation and integrity” are just as important as the building materials that go into every job.

A look at their front page:

The Austin Roofing Repair company has a very clean website. Their color scheme is mostly green and white with touches of yellow and red. Upon opening the front page you are greeted with a picture of the staff, that revolves with pictures of past projects and links. The top menu bar consists of links for “Service Areas”, “Services”, “Our Work”, “About Us”, “Contact Us” and “Pay Online.” The website is very clean and easy to navigate.

NTBS, Inc. services cover Austin and most of Central Texas. They install roofing systems. Included in the mix of what they handle are composition shingles, metal roofing, roof coatings, and modified bitumen. They handle jobs that range from homes, to complexes, commercial buildings and public projects. You can check out three different photo galleries of their past works under the section of their website that reads “Our Work”.  If you are looking for an Austin Roofing Company you should check out

Site sponsors help defer the costs of running My Hollywood Dream.

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