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Have you voted and you are just looking for some distractions tonight? Here are a variety of potential movies to watch…

A documentary that takes an in depth look at the history of voter suppression in the United States.

Available on Amazon (free with Prime): LINK

A dramatization of the 2008 presidential campaign of John McCain & Sarah Palin starring Julianna Moore, Ed Harris, & Woody Harrelson.

Available on HBO (a free trial to HBO is available on Amazon): LINK

A documentary that explores the darker side of social networks.

Available on Netflix: LINK

Easily one of the best modern action movies about the White House! Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is the last man standing & the President’s only hope after the White House falls to a group of terrorists.

Available on Netflix: LINK

The cult 90s comedy about a high school student body election that goes off the rails. Starring Matthew Broderick & Reese Witherspoon.

Available on Amazon (free with Prime): LINK

A group of teenagers in the woods are hunted down by zombie ex-presidents! (What, you didn’t think we’d only list serious movies, did you?)

Available on Tubi: LINK

And lets end with the movie that made the President a badass!


Available on Hulu: LINK

What are you watching tonight to distract yourself?

Wow. There is a ton of stuff going on; television shows ending with characters dying left and right, and the “summer” movie season has begun a bit early this year. Here are some cool tidbits from the past week…

  • After a crazy 70 million dollar plus opening weekend, was there any question about if we’d see a 5th Fast and Furious movie? (E Online) My suggestions… Fast and Furious: Pit Stop or Fast and the Furious: Truck Route.
  • I LOVE b-sci-fi and b-horror and Mutant Chronicles looks like a perfect blend of both.  With Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, Devon Aoki, and the great John Malkovich, we couldn’t ask for a better genre cast. (Yahoo) What do you think? Gonna try to catch it in theaters? Or wait to have a movie night?
  • My new way to waste time? My Brute. You set the match against friends or strangers and sit back and watch the little guys battle it out.
  • This has to be the best excuse I have ever heard anyone use for why they hit someone. Man, I love Woody Harrelson. (CNN)
  • Edgar Wright has started video production diaries for his new film adaption of the popular comic book Scott Pilgrim. You can check ’em out here.
  • If you are a Terminator fan, even if you gave up on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, you’ll want to watch the season two finale. I was pleasently surprised with the episode, which I think was the best of the series. Catch it while it is still online… (Fox)