The Howling is Being Remade




The Howling is being Remade

Hot on the heals of New Moon‘s 140 million dollar opening weekend, you can add Joe Dante’s cult werewolf movie, The Howling to the list of great movies that is getting the remake treatment. The 1981 film, which starred Dee Wallace and Robert Picardo, focused on a news anchor who is stalked by a serial killer who ends up being a werewolf. Along with An American Werewolf in London (which is also being remade), The Howling is one of those movies that helped shape a genre of horror films.  Like most 80s horror films, the movie spawned six sequels, each of which was worse than the last (the most recent ones went straight to video).

While our list of horror remakes grows, we can at least be happy of one thing; we’re getting a Scream 4, not a Scream remake. Kevin Williamson is returning to write, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are all reprising their roles (hopefully they bring back Dempsey also), and Wes Craven will most likely return to direct the thing (come on, what does he have that would trump this?). Maybe if Scream 4 does great numbers at the box office, we’ll start to get real horror sequels, instead of more shitty remakes.

If you have never seen The Howling, you can check out the film’s trailer here, and I’m sure you can find the full movie online, or you could always buy it off Amazon.

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