Cocaine Werewolf Releases a New Horror Clip



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Cocaine Werewolf, the indie horror flick from Cleopatra Entertainment and director Mark Polonia, has released a new clip via Dread Central ahead of it’s July 5th theatrical release in Pennsylvania!

Cocaine Werewolf follows a film crew shooting an independent horror flick in “the mysterious woods of northern Pennsylvania” when they encounter an real life Werewolf. Maybe the crew should of left the cocaine off the set!

I love movies about making movies. Even more so when it is a cult indie horror flick making a movie about making a cult indie horror flick. Bring on the meta references and gags.

The horror flick stars Jeff Kirkendall, Brice Kennedy, Ken Van Sant, Marie DeLorenzo, Titus Himmelberger, Noyes Lawton, and Yolie Canales. Following its theatrical run in Pennsylvania, the movie will release on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand in August. For more details and tickets, follow Jeff Kirkendall on Twitter!

What other monsters do you want to see go on a cocaine fueled rampage? Dracula? Frankenstein’s Monster? The Creature of the Black Lagoon?

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