Welcome to My Hollywood Dream. Thank you for your interest in advertising with us!

Our advertising rates are as follows:

  • 255 by 255 Square Ad – $100/month
    My Hollywood Dream only accepts one of these ads per month. It gets the golden spot on the top right position of the site. Directly under its position is or popular list of recent articles and our monthly contest, which draws attention to that part of the page. We accept all size ads that fall between 200 pixels by 255 pixels in both height and width (including rectangle ads). At this time we only accept static images along with a link to a url that you provide.

Sample Size
255 pixels by 255 pixes

  • 125 by 125 Square Ad – $50/month
    My Hollywood Dream only accepts four of these ads per month. The position is directly under the our monthly contest on the right hand part of the page. The ordering of these four ads is first come first serve starting with the top left and moving clockwise. All of these ads are static images with a link to a url that you provide. Only ads that are 125 pixels by 125 pixels will be accepted. We offer resizing and basic ad design for free if you need assistance.

Sample Size
125 by 125

  • Special Site Sponsorship – $(Case by case basis)/week or month sponsorships are available
    More info to be announced.

If you would like to learn more about advertising with My Hollywood Dream, please send us questions or advertising requests through our contact page.