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Are you looking for Cheap Web Hosting? Well, than it is a good thing that I’ll be reviewing the website 4 Cheap Web Hosting, an online guide to all of the best (and affordable) web hosting companies around the web. The guide’s description says that it has more than 200 approved web hosts and lists more than 400 cheap web hosting packages on its listing.

Lets start by taking a look at the website’s front page (click to enlarge).

The first thing that I notice is that there is so much going on that I have no idea where to look first. There are so many bright blue/underlined links, some actual content, other ads, but all sorta blend together. On the left side bar is a “Quick Search” that lets you look at web hosts by monthly price, disk space, and platform. Under the search is a menu of links that include “Home Page”, “Search Web Hosts”, “Top Rated Hosts”, “Web Hosting Tutorials”, “Hosting Glossary”, Add/Update Packages”, and “Contact Us”. Below this menu are two links for “Other Hosting Directories” (in case you can’t find what you are looking for here?). The middle space has a little information about the website sandwiched between distracting google ads. There is a link for an “advanced search” that should likely be on the left side bar instead. Under this are lists of “Cheap Web Hosting Packages” with different features. The right side bar is a list of the “Top 4Value Picks” with plan names, pricing details, host, and the host’s rating.

The real beef of the website is not the front page, but what visitors are using this guide for; information on affordable web hosts. This is what the detailed information looks like (again, you can click to enlarge):

Each review page lists basic features and cost right on top along with a “4Value” rating. Under this information are links to “View Host”, “See All Plans Available” [from said host], and “View Company Profile”. Below this is really important details on “Additional Features”, including Management, Ecommerce, Database, Scripting, Help, Misc, and Email. Under all the details is a time stamp of when this web host was originally added and when they were last updated. This is key because web hosts are always changing, adding and removing features. This lets you know how recent the review is.

Overall, even thought I hate the front page, the detail pages for the web hosts are really good and provide everything you need to know about the hosts.

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We have been talking a lot lately about how to get your film seen and how to get your name out there as a filmmaker. One of the key things you need is an attractive website that hooks potential viewers and fans. One of the things you need to have in order to have that website is a reliable web host. This deal from Nexx is easily one of the best Unlimited Web Hosting deals that I have seen in a long time.

We’ll start with the basics, does the web host have enough space and monthly bandwidth? They give you unlimited of both. So, check. Does the website offer you unique email addresses? Also unlimited. Check. How is their customer service? 24/7 support. Okay, that one is a big check. Now lets look at the price: the first year of unlimited web hosting will cost you… 10 bucks. That is it and it gives you one free .COM domain name (check out the original post on websites for tips on choosing your domain name).

They also give you a couple extra perks, including one click WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other blog installations, and $50 dollars of ad credits to both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Those could be useful to getting more eyes to see your flick.

The promo code to get this awesome deal is SPARK10. I’m not sure how long this deal will last, so if you’re interested in starting a new website, now would be a great time.

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Best Thing Ever

Looking to make a website for your film or production company? There are a lot of web hosting companies out there and it can be a very daunting task to find affordable web hosting that is reliable, dependent, and offers you exactly what you need. I have gone through multiple web hosting companies throughout the years and the one I use now, I’d highly recommend.

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